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Plate Loaded

Weights and Bars

Synergy 360

The Advantage of Strength Machine

All the strength equipments are made of premium imported steel with thickness 3 mm.
The cushion is one-time shaped with polyurethane craft to make it never be distorted or caved.
All the machines are equipped with the magnetic bolt to make the movement more scientific, comfortable and safer.
The accessory on the machine such as the plug which is one-time mould is designed to make the details perfect and enhance the overall artistic
The steal wire used on the machine is 5.8 mm in diameter ,which is composed of 6 threads and each thread is made up of 9 wires to make it more durability and safer
The seat is controlled by the pneumatic and embodies the humanization design to make the movement more comfortable, also there is a special design to strengthen the seat to improve the stability and safety
The moving orbit is designed to be arc and conforms to the human body kinematics principle which will make the exercise more scientific comfortable and safer.

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