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Considering Investing In A Treadmill?

PLEASE WAIT! Before You Check And Compare Features & Prices Of The Various Options In The Market, Consider What You Should Really Be Checking.

Choosing a treadmill from the innumerable options that the market now has, is only part of the problem.

The smaller part!

Getting stuck with your decision and thoroughly regretting it due to all the post-purchase issues, is the bigger challenge.

Please ask these 4 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS , before you go ahead:

  • Will I Get To Make The Best Choice In Terms Of My Body
    Weight, Budget and Space Constraints From The Options Available?

    PowerMax(India) offers a choice from 33 different options, from user-weights ranging from 90 kgs. to 200 kgs.; from manual to fully automated, motorized; from MRP Rs. 21,700/- to MRP Rs. 1,74,000/-.

  • Will I Get Trouble-Free Home-Delivery And Installation? Will It Be Free?

    PowerMax(India) offers FREE-delivery-and-installation anywhere in India. 'Installation' is a critical issue that most online-sellers don't offer and most buyers end up regretting about later.

  • Will I Get Trouble-Free, Onsite, After-Sales Service For Repairs and Maintenance Of The Treadmill?

    PowerMax (India) has a country-wide network of servicing-personnel that ensures that our customers get efficient, onsite after-sales-repair-and-maintenance-service in the fastest possible time. Unlike others, to ensure speed and quality of doorstep-delivery of service, PowerMax does not outsource its after-sales-service to any third-party. The company manages this aspect centrally and for the entire country. No depending on franchisees, contractors or shop-owners for after-sales-service. Our company-personnel cover the entire country, even the remotest village where we have our product.

    “Spares” - the key issue in quick-repair-service

    PowerMax is the only company in the Indian fitness-equipment industry that invests in an adequate stock of spares. We never run out of essential spares that need to get our treadmills up-and-running, when down, in the fastest possible time. When most major players have an average “2-months-downtime” i.e. they take 2 months’ time to replace the part that has malfunctioned in your treadmill you bought from them (putting you off exercising for that time), our average downtime is 5 days i.e. we take 5 days from the time you call with your problem and we set it right, with a replaced part. In case, your treadmill does not require any replacement of parts but only servicing, the downtime comes down to 48 hours.

  • Will The Treadmill Be Adequately Covered With A Warranty. Will I Find It Easy To Enforce My

    All PowerMax treadmills come with 1 to 5 years' onsite warranty. We give 3 Years' Motor Warranty against 1 Year Motor Warranty given by most others.

    The need to enforce a warranty arises when the treadmill malfunctions during the warranty period. Brands that offer ‘cheaper’ options manage to do so, by compromising on product-quality. Typical compromises made are in the quality and thickness of belts used; the quality and thickness of running-boards; the quality of steel in the rollers and the power of the motor….most of which you would not even notice when buying. They will entice you with slightly-lower prices, without educating you of what may lie ahead. And when trouble starts showing up, which it invariably does, they cannot provide support. Logical, isn’t it?

    At PowerMax, our approach is to use such quality-material in our treadmills that our customers do not face machine-breakdowns and therefore the need to resort to their warranties.

    For example, the quality of material and the thickness of belts used in all our treadmills are good to sustain normal home-use for 3-4 years. The running-board is made out of high-quality MDF particles with adequate thickness to sustain the specified maximum-user-weight without cracking or breaking down. The motors are made of high-grade Copper that ensures higher-output at lesser power-consumption and lesser wear-and-tear. The rollers are made of high-grade steel and are precision-machined to keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.

    PowerMax comes to you with international quality that an American brand would never compromise on. And supports you with world-class after-sales-service. Our after-sales-service department is ever eager to help and our typical response-time from customer-call-to-maintenance-engineer-at-the-doorstep is 48 hours maximum.

Convinced About The 4 Reasons Why You Should Only Consider PowerMax Treadmills, Over Every Other Option In The Market Today?

Now, go ahead and check out the options.

We have 33 models, from Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 1,74,000.

So, shortlist your choices and call our specialist. He will help you make the final choice, based on your budget, needs and other factors.

Get In Shape, Not In Trouble. Buy A Treadmill Without Any Hassles, Before And After The Purchase.

PowerMax from the USA, is a world-recognized brand of gym-equipment trusted by gyms, fitness-centres, health-centres and fitness-freaks across the globe. Brought to you by PowerMax Fitness (India) Private Limited, PowerMax has become a reputed health-brand here in India also.

So, now you can buy a treadmill with the assurance of 'no-headaches' before and after the purchase. Get in to shape, without getting sleepless.

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I am not sure how to shortlist my treadmill options. I want help to do that.

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