10 Awesome Tips That Can Help You Slow Down Ageing

20 Nov, 2019

10 Awesome Tips That Can Help You Slow Down Ageing

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It has been a fantasy of human advancement since the beginning of time to be able to at least slow down the process of ageing and extend our lives for as long as possible. 

And the good news is that specialists on ageing agree that there are positive steps you can take to make your "golden years" healthier and more enjoyable. What's more, they may very well stretch as much as 10 years or more to your life... So read on, and act now!

Quit smoking

The single best thing you can do for your wellbeing and longevity is quit smoking. Smoking has been repeatedly proved to be one of the main causes responsible for a long list of diseases, ranging from coronary illness to lung issues, all of which can unexpectedly thwart your life span plans.

Drink in moderation

Alcohol is responsible for infusing every cell, causing inflammation in the liver and damaging the genes. A glass of wine a day for ladies and maybe two for men, but not more, might be somewhat beneficial. So, it would indeed be a 'game-changer step' to limit the alcohol intake and drink in moderation. 

Get a proper sleep

Your body needs a proper nap time to repair cells and give your heart some rest. In the same way, your mind needs dreaming to stay sane. 

Women Sleeping Peacefully

Cut saturated fat and increase omega-3 fats-

It's gospel at this point: eat less or no red meat; ditch the cake, desserts and ice cream; consume more complex carbs, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; and get plenty of fatty fish. The saturated fats in salmon, mackerel, and sardines help keep oxygen free-radical molecules from harming your cells.

Wear sunscreen-

UV radiation from the sun harms your skin and advances aging. While the sun feeds us with Vitamin D, it additionally has destructive ultraviolet rays which can potentially lead to skin cancer. A few dermatologists state that 90 percent of dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging are because of sun exposure. This is because as we get older the structural fiber of the skin known as collagen degenerates and exposure to the sun quickens this degeneration process. Therefore, it is advisable to apply sunscreen before you go out on a hot day. Also, you can wear sunglasses and a hat to secure your skin well. 

Moisturize well-
Women Applying Lotion

How good your skin looks is basically dependent on the moisture it has. Help it out  by utilizing lotions to keep your skin delicate and hydrated. Work with an expert to figure out what type is best for you. Moisturizing your skin on a regular basis is sure to work like a miracle for the smoothness and versatility of your skin.  This'll keep it secured against wrinkles and scarring and make it delicate and smooth.


Hydration is crucial

Your skin is exceptionally sensitive to water levels. Remain hydrated by sipping water at frequent intervals and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables all through the day. 'Water is Life' is a commonly used expression which happens to be very accurate. Water is the best approach to look and feel young. Drinking plenty of water every day supports the skin by keeping it moist and makes your nails and hair look healthy and soft. Other than drinking you can spray your hair with some water every day to keep them healthy, soft and moisturized. Additionally, water likewise helps in better digestion. Try combining it with herbal teas and you'll yourself feel re-energized as it enables the body flush out the toxins. When you don't take enough quantities of water, your skin ends up flaky and dry causing early ageing.

Use Retinoid to Reduce Wrinkles-

Retinol is a subsidiary of Vitamin A. Most dermatologists prescribe it due to its anti-aging effects. It increases the generation of collagen hence preventing fine lines. It is additionally responsible for the improvement of new blood vessels, giving you a healthy rosy glow.

Laugh out loud 

Laughter works like magic in reducing the levels of stress hormones and cortisol. Also it leads to the secretion of health enhancing hormones such as endorphins. Lack of stress directly impacts ageing by reducing stress lines and wrinkles. The most amazing ways to ensure your daily dose of laughter are to stock your library with a lot of joke books, try subscribing to a funny website or simply enroll at a laughter club.

Massages might help 

Massages are undeniably more than just a pampering treatment- it is really aimed at helping the different systems of the body to work appropriately and well. In doing this, a massage enables the body to rest and repair properly that helps to prevent or reverse some of the more common signs of aging. There have been several researches that prove that massages can actually de-stress you and make you look a lot more youthful. While stress in itself is terrible in a lot of ways, it also contributes in the process of aging—and not just emotionally—but factually by causing telomere shortening, which is associated with aging and malignancy. So, give massage a try, and see the benefits yourself!


The benefits of exercise are undoubtedly endless. The most important being the production of feel-good hormones (or ENDORPHINS). These make us feel happier and increase our energy levels to greater heights. The older we get, the more muscle we tend to lose due to the process of age-related degeneration. However, we can tackle this pretty well through resistance training which plays a key role in increasing mass and strength. Staying active does not necessarily involve going to the gym. You can go for a brisk walk or prefer taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or even attend yoga sessions, if possible. Along with that, exercise also works like magic for the skin because it raises the blood flow to the cells including skin cells hence providing proper nourishment to them. At the same time, the blood flow carries away all the unwanted toxins from the cells. and this process, therefore, cleanses the skin.

Now, let's have a look at some of the exercises that are sure to help you stay young. 

1.Sprint-  It leads to almost 70-75% neuron activation. Sprints trigger nerve activation throughout the body, which finally leads to faster reaction speeds.

2.  Deadlift- This fantabulous exercise leads to almost 70% neuron activation and helps you stay strong. This is basically a full-body exercise that helps reduce muscle wastage thus, helping you to look and feel a lot stronger.

3.  Power snatch- Affects the mind and helps you to think faster. It mainly builds complicated mind-muscle connections to forge many new pathways of brain.

4.  Sledge-hammer slam- Leads to 70% neuron activation and helps you to add fitness and strength. Helps your lungs to do some extra work so they respond to exertion in a better way, as you step into old age.

5.  Lunges- Use this exercise to target stability. Try single-leg moves as they in turn hit the neurons that build perpetual balance.

6.   Air squats- Get rid of all the extra body fat that results due to increasing age. Air squats help you to get more responsive legs that are the key to a leaner middle.

As we come to an end, what is important for each one of us to realise is the fact that ageing is a natural process and it’s extremely crucial to embrace this phase with utmost happiness and joy. Since you'll be encountering a lot of changes in your body and mind, the onus of taking care of yourself lies completely on you. Working religiously on your lifestyle and taking good care of your health is bound to make you feel and look a lot younger. As French fashion designer Coco Chanel has rightly said:

"Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50."

We hope that the above mentioned tips and exercises, if followed with sincerity, will surely make you prove them all, that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER !