BU-900 Magnetic Upright Bike

<b>BU-900</b> Magnetic Upright Bike

Flywheel: 9KG Flywheel

Max User Weight: 135 kg

Resistance: 8 Level tension


BU-2000C Commercial Upright Bike

<b>BU-2000C</b> Commercial Upright Bike

Display: LCD Display

Flywheel: 14 Kg

Max User Weight: 150 kg


BU-3000C Commercial Upright Bike

<b>BU-3000C</b> Commercial Upright Bike

Display: Red dot matrix LED display

Flywheel: 14 Kg

Max User Weight: 180 kg


BU-4000C Commercial Upright Exercise Bike with iPad holder

<b>BU-4000C</b> Commercial Upright Exercise Bike with iPad holder

Flywheel: 15KG Flywheel

Max User Weight: 150KG

Resistance: 20 Level Resistance


BS-2070C Semi Commercial Group Bike

<b>BS-2070C</b> Semi Commercial Group Bike

Flywheel: 20KG flywheel

Drive System: Belt; 3-piece crank

Max User Weight: 170KG


BS-2500C Heavy Commercial Group Bike

<b>BS-2500C</b> Heavy Commercial Group Bike

Flywheel: 24KG Flywheel

Brake System: Side break system

Max User Weight: 200KG


BA-2500C Commercial Air Bike

<b>BA-2500C</b> Commercial Air Bike

Resistance: Steel Fan/Air Resistance

Max User Weight: 150KG

Crank: 3 pcs Crank


BR-900 Commercial Recumbent Bike

<b>BR-900</b> Commercial Recumbent Bike

Flywheel: 9KG, one way

Max User Weight: 135KG

Resistance: 8 Level tension


BR-2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike

<b>BR-2000C</b> Commercial Recumbent Bike

Display: Colorful LCD Display

Flywheel: 14KG

Max User Weight: 150KG


BR-3000C Commercial Recumbent Bike

<b>BR-3000C</b> Commercial Recumbent Bike

Display: Red dot matrix LED display

Flywheel: 14 kg

Max User Weight: 180kg


BR-4000C Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike with iPad holder

<b>BR-4000C</b> Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike with iPad holder

Flywheel: 15KG

Max User Weight: 150KG

Resistance: 20 Level Resistance



A flywheel is considered to be the heart of an exercise bike and generally the higher the weight of flywheel, comfortable and smoother the cycling would be. As the flywheel weight becomes heavier and heavier the harder you have to pedal which means higher resistance, but the size of bike becomes bigger and bigger which you don’t want for your home. High resistance can be achieved in combination of optimum flywheel weight and Magnetic or direct contact resistance. For beginners, 7-9KG flywheel weight is considered to be perfect. For intermediates, 9-14KG, and for experienced, up to 15KG.

3-piece crank consist of 2 separate arm and one spindle in comparison to 1-piece crank where entire crank system is made up of one single piece. 3 Piece cranks are very strong and gives smooth ride in comparison to 1-piece crank.

Yes, all good quality bikes have Heart sensors to measure Heart rate in beats per minutes.
Speed depends on how slow or fast you are Pedalling, which could be adjusted by tensioning or loosening the tension knob.
An upright exercise bike seats you in the upright position, just like a road bicycle, whereas a recumbent exercise bike has a bucket seat and the pedals are out in front of you. The spinning bike is probably the nearest thing to real cycling and looks a bit like a mountain bike. The upright exercise bike is still the most popular but that may be because people believe that you get a much easier workout on a recumbent exercise cycle. This is a misconception, as anyone who has used a recumbent exercise bike will tell you. Recumbent exercise bikes also support the back and because your feet are level with your hips your blood pressure stays lower, so they can be a better choice if you suffer from high blood pressure. Spinning bikes are very popular in health clubs and gyms. They are used as a group exercise bike and are still perceived as professional gym equipment by many customers. However economical spinning bikes are now available designed more for the home.
Magnetic bikes create a powerful resistance with the help of the flywheel and two strong magnets. The magnets are positioned on either side of the flywheel but are never allowed to make contact with it. As one rides the bike, the rotation of the flywheel disrupts the magnetic field. This attraction creates resistance which makes it more difficult to peddle. When a more elevated level of resistance is needed, a knob is turned to bring the magnets closer to the flywheel and vice versa.
These noiseless bikes are remarkably advantageous to own, as they require no maintenance. Since the magnets do not come in direct contact with the flywheel, there is no mechanical wear and tear which otherwise would require regular brake pad replacement. Moreover, it empowers the rider to customize the workout by allowing them to precisely adjust the level of resistance.
So Magnetic resistance exercise bikes are best and dominate the modern marketplace.
Resistance in exercise bike is used to increase or decrease the workout intensity. There are 4 different kind of resistance available.
  • A. Brake based Resistance - the most primitive mode of resistance available in the market and obsolete technology.
  • B. Direct Contact Resistance - It is based on the principle of friction and uses a brake pad to apply direct contact on the flywheel of the bike in varying quantities to get the desired intensity of resistance. Highly affordable but cost to change brake pad
  • C. Magnetic Resistance - Magnetic resistance exercise bikes dominate the modern marketplace. They provide a solution to all the predicaments linked to the direct contact resistance bikes. These bikes create a powerful resistance with the help of the flywheel and two strong magnets. These noiseless bikes are remarkably advantageous to own, as they require no maintenance. However, magnetic bikes are quite expensive and may not fall within everybody’s budget
  • D. Air Base Resistance - This genre of exercise bikes features a fan in place of the usual flywheel. When you increase your rate of peddling, the fan has to churn out a greater quantity of air which results in heightened resistance. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE
Max user weight means the weight-bearing capacity of your exercise bike. For example, if you weigh less than 100KG, you can get a bike that has 110KG max user weight. But if you weigh more than 100KG, then you should consider buying one that has 120KG max user weight or above. Keeping 5-10KG buffer between your weight and machine's max user weight would be ideal.

No, you can adjust the seat up or down (Vertical), forward or backward (Horizontal), as per your requirements. Low cost bike generally has only vertical seat adjustment. When you choose bike check for vertical and horizontal seat adjustment feature.

Your seat height on upright bike should be adjusted upto your hip so that when you seat and place your leg on the pedal and your front leg is fully extended, there should be slight bend in your knees say 5-9 degree.

Yes, almost all bikes do contain transportation wheels for easy moving.

From 10KG of minimum weight to maximum of 75KG. Most’s home use bikes weight start from 10KG to maximum of 35KG

No, most of home use bike do not need electricity to operate. The LCD Display runs on battery provided. But some very high end and commercial exercise bikes need electricity.

Here, if our motive is weight loss, then Treadmill gives us the maximum calorie burnout in comparison to Exercise Bike for the same time frame of workout. But Treadmill has a fairly high injury risk of knee or back pain, particularly while jogging, has a harder impact on joints, people may trip and fall if they aren’t careful. In comparison, exercise Bike is a low impact exercise and puts less strain on your knees and helps Increases the flexibility of leg muscles, decreases the pressure on lower back.

One of the major faults that can come with riding a bike every day is that the person may get bored and eventually give it all up. Also, stationary bikes mainly focus on lower body toning, hence they do not pack an overall body workout.

We recommend 5 times a week for 30 minutes the least. To keep things interesting and to make your workout fun and something to look forward too, we recommend to add a variety of exercises along with biking so you don’t get bored and your workout becomes more fun.

If you are looking for a good cardio workout, 30-45 minutes of steady biking for 5 days a week is a good routine to follow. You can increase the time and speed over the time when you are comfortable with biking for a long time. Over exercising is a big no, so better not to do it.
You can do all 45 minutes together or do a 15-15-15-minute session whenever you get a short break this will keep you energetic and away from being lazy all day. As and when your strength increases you can increase your time to 45-60 minutes gradually to get better results and quick calorie burn.

Weight loss is directly linked to the number of Calories burned and the type of food that is eaten during a good calorie burning workout. Depending on the intensity of the workout and how hard you push yourself can result in around 500-600 Calories burned per hour while exercising on an exercise bike. Harvard health Publishing has estimated that a 155 pound / 70KG person can burn around 260 Calories by using the bike for 30 minutes.
When high resistance training is done it help’s burn our body fat while strengthening heart, lungs, and build and tone your leg muscles. Exercise bike as compared to other cardio activities puts less stress on the joints or is considered good for knee and simultaneously providing a good calorie burn and an amazing aerobic workout.

Yes, it does help reduce belly fat. Belly fat is not simply a visual concern but a very big health problem since it increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Cycling on an exercise bike efficiently burns Calories and fat since you can alternate between cardio exercises and HIIT workouts and thus burn tummy fat faster. Moreover, the exercise bike also has amazing effects on your brain. It aids in reducing stress, which is one of the main factors that causes belly fat.

Stationary bikes allow a good cardio workout without stressing on the knee joints. Among the stationary bikes, Recumbent bike is a better choice as it is comfortable and it offers a large seat to sit and pedal. Overall, a stationary bike is comparatively low impact in relation to the other cardio exercise equipment like treadmill. Also please consult your doctors before using any bikes.

A person who weighs between 60KG to 90KG may lose an average of 209 Calories in a light cycling workout of 30 minutes. However, a person from the same weight range may lose an average of 399 Calories in a vigorous cycling workout of 30 minutes.

Cycling (30 Min) User Weight and Calories Burned
Workout Type 58KG 70KG 81KG 92KG
Light Cycling 162 Calories 193 Calories 224 Calories 256 Calories
Moderate Cycling 206 Calories 246 Calories 286 Calories 325 Calories
Vigorous Cycling 310 Calories 369 Calories 429 Calories 488 Calories

Of course, you can. Having an exercise bike at home gives you the freedom to exercise at any time as per your schedule.

Air bikes comes with hand movement. For total body workout we would suggest Ellipticals which comes with hand movement.Click here to see the models

All recumbent exercise bikes comes with back support. Also PowerMax X bikes which is upright bike has back support. Click here for product information on recumbent and X bikes

Most exercise bike comes with LCD Display that shows time, distance, speed, calories burned, odometer, and scan. Plus, it offers an iPad holder and a resistance controller.

Recumbent exercise bikes are best for senior people as it support the back and because your feet are level with your hips your blood pressure stays lower, so they can be a better choice if you suffer from high blood pressure. Click here for product information on recumbent and X bikes

Yes, all exercise bike needs installation. PowerMax Fitness technician does on site installation for all customers

After-sales support is the help you get from the company when you need any help with the product purchased from them. If the brand is trustworthy and provides excellent after-sales support, that means, in case if you face any kind of problem, there would be a dedicated staff to assist you in solving your issue. PowerMax Fitness provide after-sales support across India, and response time is 48 -72hrs.

Yes, PowerMax offers Warranty on site for all its Fitness equipment machine.