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At PowerMax we are passionate about exercise and wellness. Fitness is of the utmost importance in this day and lifestyle. More and more of us lead more sedentary, office-based lives as computers dominate many professions. Our goal at PowerMax is to Spread fitness awareness and get you fitter by making it as easy and as fun as possible for a longer, healthier, happier life......

Spiritual Mission Statement

» Make people mentally fit by spreading Fitness awareness, motivating them to lead a healthier life through exercise

» Giving detailed insights into the benefits of exercise, making individuals motivated to ....

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ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED

PowerMax Fitness ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED

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Know about Treadmill Online in India:

Fitness in India is not just a fashion mantra but it has become part and parcel of our lifestyle. Fitness conscious Indians have adopted exercise in their routine life. And when it comes to exercise, running and jogging top the chart. This is where treadmill plays an important role in our lives. Treadmill is widely used by calorie-conscious Indians today. Buy Treadmill online form These Treadmills provide you comfort in usage as you are not required to go to over-crowded joggers' parks or traffic-ridden roads. You can place this treadmill anywhere in your house, and use whenever you feel like doing exercise. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of treadmills according to your comfort level-if you want to start slow or just like to have a walk, adjust the speed accordingly. Once your warm-up is done, you can increase the speed of fitness treadmill belt. Another benefit of treadmill in India is that you can avoid severe seasons like monsoon, winter and summer. If seasons hamper your enthusiasm to go out and run, these treadmills can be of great help. You can continuously follow your regimen without any interruption due to seasonal changes.

While making a decision of buying Treadmill, It would be a smart choice to Buy Treadmill Online from us because it takes less time and efforts. Powermax Fitness makes buying Treadmill Online a correct decision as it provides a wide range of treadmills, which suit all the different needs. We have good presence in Mumbai, Goa, Pune & many other parts of India.

Why you should buy your treadmill Online from Powermax Fitness

» We offer an extensive range of treadmills, covering all budgets

» Your treadmill warranty: All treadmills come with a minimum 1 year parts and labour warranty. Many far exceed this with 3 and 5 year warranties depending on Models

» Treadmill delivery : Delivered direct to your door

At PowerMax we are passionate about exercise and wellness. Fitness is of the utmost importance in this day and age. More and more of us lead more sedentary, office based lives as computers dominate many professions. Our goal at PowerMax is to Spread fitness awareness and get you fitter by making it as easy and as fun as possible for a longer, healthier, happier life......

Three areas that we focus to help us achieve our goals are :

» Fitness Centres

» Commercial Gym Setup

» Fitness Equipment Stores

PowerMax from the USA, is a world-recognized brand of gym-equipment trusted by gyms, fitness-centres, health-centres and fitness-freaks across the globe. Brought to you by PowerMax Fitness (India) Private Limited, PowerMax has become a reputed health-brand here in India also.

PowerMax comes to you with international quality that an American brand would never compromise on.

3 Reasons you will SAVE yourself from Post-Purchase Regret:

» Trouble-Free Home-Delivery & Installation

» Trouble-Free, Onsite, After-Sales Service For Repairs & Maintenance

» Adequately Covered With A Warranty That Is Easy To Enforce

PowerMax(India) offers FREE-delivery-and-installation anywhere in India. 'Installation' is a critical issue that most online-sellers don't offer and most buyers end up regretting about later. Few PowerMax treadmills come preinstalled and can be just unpacked-and-start-using, but for those that do need installation, PowerMax(India) gives 100% FREE ONSITE INSTALLATION anywhere across India.

“Spares”- the key issue in quick-repair-service

PowerMax (India) has a country-wide network of servicing-personnel that ensures that our customers get efficient, onsite after-sales-repair-and-maintenance-service in the fastest possible time. Unlike others, to ensure speed and quality of doorstep-delivery of service, PowerMax does not outsource its after-sales-service to any third-party. The company manages this aspect centrally and for the entire country. No depending on franchisees, contractors or shop-owners for after-sales-service. Our company-personnel cover the entire country, even the remotest village where we have our product.

Buy Powermax Treadmills Online At Best Prices

Are you looking to buy treadmill online? Check out various treadmill models of Powermax. You can buy treadmill online at lowest price @ Powermax Fitness website. We offer both domestic and commercial treadmills. Our wide range of home use treadmill allows everyone to buy and do daily workouts. Treadmills are used for daily workouts, its also commonly known as running machine. One can walk or run on treadmill at various speed. Powermax Treadmills are one of the best selling treadmills online, our most of the treadmills have got 4.5 star rating and very good reviews in terms of the quality of product as well as the price for that quality.

Check out the list of best selling treadmills of 2018 by Powermax.

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM125S 2HP (4HP peak) Motorized Treadmill

2. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 1.5 HP (3.0 HP peak) Motorised Treadmill

3. Powermax Fitness TDM-100 S Motorized Treadmill 1.5 HP

4. Powermax Fitness TDA-230 2HP(4 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

and list goes on..

PowerMax Treadmills Come With A 3 Year's Motor Warranty Against 1 Year Motor Warranty Given By Most Other.

Nationwide Service Network

Nationwide Service Network

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Certified Products

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