• <b>JogPad-3<sup>®</sup></b> Dual LED Display Treadmill with Office Desk & Wristband Remoter
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder
  • JogPad-3 Dual LED Display Motorized Treadmill with Work Desk & iPhone Holder

JogPad-3® Dual LED Display Treadmill with Office Desk & Wristband Remoter

The JogPad 3 is the ultimate home treadmill for those seeking a seamless work-life balance. This innovative treadmill features a built-in desk and comes with a convenient remote control in the form of a sleek wristwatch. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you walk while you work, making it the best treadmill for home workouts that prioritize productivity and fitness.

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Product Description

Join the fitness revolution today and take your home workouts to the next level! Introducing the PowerMax Fitness JogPad-3 Ultra-Thin Walking Fitness Treadmill with Remote Control.

With a powerful 1.5HP DC motor, the JogPad 3 delivers smooth and consistent performance, ensuring a reliable workout experience every time with a top speed of 12 km/hr.  And with its 2-level manual incline feature, you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout to challenge yourself and push your limits. But the JogPad 3 isn't just about performance - it's also about design and quality. With its sleek and modern design, this treadmill will complement any home gym or living space. Plus, its anti-bacterial powder coat finish ensures durability and longevity, so you can enjoy years of use without worry.

Powerful Performance and Top Speed: 
With the powerful 1.5HP DC Motor at its core, the PowerMax JogPad-3 motorized treadmill empowers you to reach your fitness peak effortlessly. Seamlessly transition between speeds ranging from 1.0 to 12 km/hr, allowing you to tailor your workout to your preferred pace, whether it's a leisurely walk, an invigorating jog, or an intense sprint. Experience the freedom to challenge yourself and push your limits, all within the comfort of your own home. The treadmill for home use provides a dynamic and personalized workout experience, ensuring that every step you take brings you closer to your fitness goals.

Personalized User Weight Capacity:
A choice aligned with you. With a maximum user weight capacity of 100 KG, the JogPad-3  motorized treadmill for home use accommodates various users. For enhanced longevity and performance, Powermax recommends factoring in an additional 25 KG buffer for running. For example, if your weight is 75 KG or less, this treadmill with a 100 KG max capacity is suitable for you.

Spacious Running Area with Impact Reduction: 
The 5-layer Anti-skid, diamond-textured running belt on an 18mm low-maintenance phenolic-coated deck ensures durability and optimal performance. The spacious 1200X400mm running surface, paired with a smooth, low-friction, and anti-slip running belt, ensures a delightful workout experience while protecting your joints. The shock absorption feature utilizes rubber cushion technology, providing a comfortable workout experience by reducing impact on joints.

Real-Time Cardiovascular Insights: 
Stay informed with the Dual LED Display showcasing real-time data on Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories. Seamlessly integrate your fitness journey with the 12 pre-set workout programs and 3 target-based modes. Connect your devices effortlessly with Bluetooth connectivity and experience a truly connected workout.

Wristband Remote Controller: Connectivity
Take charge of your workout effortlessly with the Jogpad-3's wristband remote controller, allowing you to adjust settings and monitor your progress with ease. Additionally, stay entertained and connected by conveniently placing your iPad or mobile device in the built-in holder, ensuring access to your favorite entertainment or fitness apps while you exercise. With these connectivity features, this quality fitness equipment offers a convenient and immersive workout experience.

Versatile Workout Programs: 
Diversify your workout routine with the cardio fitness equipment that comes with 12 pre-set workout programs, designed to cater to various fitness levels and goals. Additionally, choose from 3 target-based modes to focus on specific fitness objectives, whether it's calorie burning, endurance building, or distance training. With a wide range of options, the Jopad-3 ensures that you can customize your workouts to achieve optimal results.

Convenient Foldability and Storage: 
Experience the ultimate convenience with a horizontal and vertical foldable design, allowing for easy storage in both orientations. Additionally, the standing support wheels ensure an effortless maneuver when folded for transportation or storage. Moreover, the adjustable upright post height offers personalized comfort during your workout sessions, accommodating users of various heights for optimal ergonomics and posture.

Convenient Rollers: 
These advanced precision-machined steel crowned rollers equipped with dynamic balancing not only ensure a smooth and consistent movement of the running belt but also significantly extend the lifespan of the treadmill while enhancing the durability of its bearings.

Customer Care Assistance: 
Rest assured with our warranty coverage: Lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor warranty, and 1-year parts and labor warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of our product to ensure your peace of mind and provide you with the best fitness equipment.

You can find unboxing and usage videos on our official YouTube channel. Powermax Fitness offers onsite service support across India, with technicians reaching you within 48-72 hours. For efficient service support, simply contact us at +91-8080-206-206. We're here to assist you.

For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care at +91-8080-269-269. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Motor 1.5HP DC Motor
Max User Weight 100KG
Running Surface 1050x420mm / 41.4x16.5inches
Speed 1.0 - 12 km/hr.
Inclination 2 Level Manual Incline
Shock Absorption Rubber Cushion Shock Absorption
Running Deck 18 mm low maintenance pre-waxed phenolic coated both sides.
Running Belt 5 Layer Anti-skid, diamond texture running belt.
Rollers Precision-machined, steel crowned rollers keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise and wear.
Display Dual LED Display
Console Functions Time, Speed, Distance and Calories
Program 12 Pre-set workout programs & 3 target-based mode
Foldable Horizontal & Vertical Foldable, Standing Support Wheels
Speaker Bluetooth Speaker
Upright Post Adjustable Upright Post Height
Connectivity Wristband Remote Controllar
Other Features Work Desk or Office Desk (Press the Buckle to remove desk)
iPad Holder iPad & Mobile holder
Paint Quality Anti-bacterial Powder Coat Finish
Wheels Wheels for transportation and easy installation
Input Power Supply 240V ± 10%
N.W.: 35KG
G.W.: 40KG
Foldable Dimension 139 x 65 x 11cm
Assembled Dimension 128.6 x 69 x 102.5cm
Package Dimension 145.5 x 74 x 15cm
Marketed & Imported By Powermax Fitness (I) Pvt. Ltd.
808- Lotus Trade Center, New Link Rd. Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400053, MH, IN
Contact: +91-8080-269-269 / +91-8080-206-206


Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty only when used with the stabilizer, 1-Year Parts, and Labor Warranty.

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