Powermax Fitness is currently the fastest-growing International Fitness stores chain in India. Powermax Fitness will be offering franchisee or Dealership opportunities throughout India. The franchise/Dealership program has been designed as such to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to cash in on a growing fitness industry at the go. We have everything you need to get started and get going. 

Although becoming a Powermax Fitness franchise owner is a serious commitment, the rewards are immeasurable, including:

  1.  Instant brand awareness.
  2.  Marketing and Communication support – POS, Posters, Brochure, pamphlets, Advertising etc.
  3.  Corporate support in planning your store in all aspect.
  4.  Special values through the Powermax National Vendor Program.
  5.  Investment assistance.
  6.  Promotional Plans
  7.  Best in class Fitness Equipment and Accessories
  8.  Ready stock availability

We are particular about our franchisees/Dealership because they all contribute to our success, one fitness store at a time. We are seeking only top visionaries who are committed to raising the bar in fitness.

If you are interested please call us on +91 8080269269 or use the form below to express your interest.