GH-130 Home Gym

<b>GH-130</b> Home Gym

Functions: Multi Function Home Gym

Max User Weight: 150kg


GH-285 Home Gym

<b>GH-285</b> Home Gym

Functions: Multi Function Home Gym

Max User Weight: 160Kg


GH-450 Home Gym

<b>GH-450</b> Home Gym

Functions: 3 Station Home Gym

Max User Weight: 160KG


GH-450P Home Gym with Punching Bag

<b>GH-450P</b> Home Gym with Punching Bag

Functions: 3 Station Home Gym

Max User Weight: 160KG


FAQ - Home Gym

Ans: Yes, the weight stacks can be adjusted to a max of 61 kg / 70 kg (depending on the model). By adjusting the weight pin, you can get your desired weight stack. If you are looking for a higher range of weights, then you can opt for Commercial Home gym.

Ans: In this routine life it is difficult to cope up with the fitness regime. It is better to have a home gym which stays for life time.Home Gyms keep improving in quality and sophistication. Using a home gym can be helpful in many ways:

  • Perform Diverse Workouts: A home gym will enable you to perform various types of exercises for every major muscle group. You can easily train your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, abs, and legs using a multigym.
  • Build Muscle and Burn Fat: home gyms are great when it comes to strength training. They offer weighted resistance by using weight stacks and pulley system. This makes them an ideal choice for people who are into muscle building.
  • Built to Last a Lifetime: Home gyms are designed to be durable. They will keep your body healthy and ensure that your finances are in check by making sure you do not spend on maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is use the machine properly and clean it from time to time.
Ans: Depending on the model, PowerMax home gyms have extra accessories like Lat Pull Bar, Ankle Strap, Silver Strap, a Triceps Rope and more.
Ans: The maximum user weight that is allowed is 150 KG/ 330.6LBS
Ans: Before buying the multi gym check the dimensions of the product from the PowerMax Multi Gym Catalogue.
For example: if you have a smaller space in your home, then it will be better to choose GH 130 which has its assembled Dimensions being-
Length- 103cm
Breadth- 131cm
Height- 240cm.
Ans: Many home gyms are designed for people between 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet, 2 inches in height. People with all height group can use the home gym, as it has adjustable seats.
Ans: When choosing the right home gym, you need to take into consideration the following:
  • • What will the home gym be used for?
  • • The amount of space that you have as that will determine the size of the home gym
  • • Number of stations home gyms have
  • • Weight stacks
Ans: Depending on model the weight stacks plates can be off PVC filled with Cement or of Steel. PVC plastic weights make less noise and are economical. Example GH130 plates are made of PVC whereas MC260 is made of Steel. Some home gyms come with two or more stacks so that more than one-person can workout at the same time.
Ans: The home gym equipment usually supports multiple exercise functions like Low Pulley Row, Knee Raise, Bicep Curl, Preacher Curls, Preacher Curls-Reverse Grips, Wrist Curl, Standing Leg Curl, Leg Extensions, Crunches, Straight Arm Pullover, Lat Pull Down, Butterfly, Vertical Bench Press, Back Kick, Side Kick, which is necessary for rigorous continuous workouts and in efficient manner. Club series Multigym offers more exercises like High Pull AB Crunch. Tricep Push-Down. Pectoral Fly. Seated Press Bar Row, Preacher Curl. Bench Press, Leg Kick Back, Seated Shoulder Press, Dip ARM. Upright Row, Standing Shoulder Knee Raise & Dip Arm. Chin up, Sit up Dummbell Exercise.
Ans: A single station multi home gym permits only single user to perform the exercise on the equipment and a multi-user multi-station gym machine permits more than one user to perform multiple exercises at the same time.
-GH-450P Home Gym with Punching Bag is a 4-station gym
-GH-135 Home Gym is single station gym.
Ans:Dimension of GH-285 is higher as compared to GH-130. Secondly there are more options to exercise with GH-285.

Ans: Yes, PowerMax delivers Home Gym to all pin codes in India.

Ans: Free installation support would be provided for all Home gym moels. You need to call +91-8080-269-269 for Onsite free installation support.

Ans: After-Sales Service is so very important. In case you need support, the response time for servicing your home gym matters so that you don’t miss out on your Fitness goal. We provide after-sales service all across India & our response time is 48 -72hrs. Your Fitness Goal becomes our Goal of utmost customer satisfaction.

Multi Gyms keep improving in quality, sophistication and the options that are available. While still not as popular as lifting Free Weights, home gym use has grown by 80 percent since 1987, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association.

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