10 ways to lose weight without dieting

30 Sep, 2019

10 ways to lose weight without dieting

Good news food lovers- Loose fat without sacrificing your taste buds
Food lovers do not need to stop eating in order to loose fat. The idea of going on a diet and living with-out the junky requirements is not a way to loose weight. Basically it cons you into thinking that you are losing weight and also adds the stress of eating the right food. Rather, don’t sweat! Just make a few changes in your eating habits, lifestyle and most importantly, your reason for losing weight.

Think about it! Why do you want weight loss?

Most people answer is for getting thin. This is where they go wrong. 
Rather than losing weight for becoming thin, your answer should be I want to lose weight to become healthier physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
These simple tips would lead you to make at least some changes in your lifestyle, rather than starving yourself and bring about significant changes.

1. First and foremost, do not stop eating regular food.
Do not skip your meals, take a healthy breakfast as it is one of the most important meals of the day. The breakfast should have a nutritious diet, that provides you with energy and a load of nutrients. Take a small lunch, and later go for a healthy dinner. You can also take food in small amounts throughout the day. Skipping meals in the same of dieting does more harm than good.

2. Add extra vegetables.
Vegetables are the perfect source of vitamins and fibres, also minerals and antioxidants, they help the body’s immunity. Try to have veggies at least two times a day. Your half-plate should be filled with vegetables, if you are not up for it, try incorporating smaller portions. This fills you up sooner, preventing all the extra unhealthy calories that might go in the form of carbs. 

3. Fruits do not give sugar
Do not blame the fruits for their sugar intake. They are natural antioxidants responsible for energy and nutrition in the body. Do not skip fruits, as their sugar is digested differently than the regular sugar im-parting foods like sweets. It is actually considered the best weight-loss food. Snacking on fruits instead of chips and chocolate can do wonders to not just your weight, but your skin health as well. 

4. Add proteins
Proteins are a necessary ingredient in our body and should constitute one-fourth portion of the meal. There are various sources of proteins like adding different pulses,  nuts, yoghurt, eggs, beans, fish. Proteins are important for growth and development, as well as to repair the tissues and make new ones. Eating more protein causes the body to in turn burn more fat, reducing weight and helping muscles tone.

5. Eat whole grains, not carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are also important for the body but not when you are planning on losing weight. Pasta,   bread and rice offer great taste but not much healthy options. Pick up whole grains.  Have you tried them? They are much tastier. They are available from barley, millet, oats,  brown rice, etc. Rather than dieting you can prepare mouth-watering food from whole grains. They are a package of vitamin B, fibres and proteins. No need to compromise on your taste buds!

6. Start eating more at home.
Start eating more at home. A quick lunch or dinner once in a while maybe ok, but try to incorporate these type of meals in your diet. Make healthy and tasty meals at home, there are various sources for that. Observe the change.

7. Don't stress out during meal times.
Rather than stressing out during your meals about what to eat, what not to eat, eat a balanced diet, unplug yourself and have a relaxing lunch or dinner. This too will have a positive effect as it keeps you calm, helping the body to continue with its normal metabolic processes. 

All these tips are with regards to your diet, but they're also may be small alterations in your daily routine. You also need to put in exercise, when thinking about a weight loss plan. 

8. Take the stairs.
If you have a busy routine right from the start of the day, you can start by walking to your workplace or taking stairs. Even a small work out like this will start making changes mainly in your perspective. Get your body moving, as much as possible. Small steps count more than a long weekly workout session.

9. Adequate and relaxing sleep is required.
Sleeping properly is even more important than your diet or exercising. Because lack of sleep leads to a messed up schedule, which in turn causes unhealthy eating habits and improper metabolism. So as they say, get your beauty sleep.

10. Add some workouts
And last and the most vital, adding a physical work out will do wonders for you even psychologically. You don’t necessarily need to practice a rigid exercise schedule, you can instead play any kind of your favourite sport. Rather than taking it as a necessity, view it as a hobby. Choose team sports like cricket, football, Badminton where you can even meet new people and create good acquaintances. A group of friends will make sure you get down and play every day. Who’s more fit than sportsmen?

Good luck. Get going today. Small steps towards a healthier, slimmer, more beautiful you!

Author:- Nidhi Inamdar