4 Powerful workouts to do this Winter Season

4 Powerful workouts to do this Winter Season

By Mrunal Nikam / 02 Dec 2022

"Winter is Coming!"- Remember the Favourite dialogue from GOT? 
So, what's so special about winter? What significance does winter hold to people who want to exercise?

The cold temperatures can be discouraging even for the most motivated exercisers. During the winter season, we often find ourselves not feeling like going out & exercising. It could be due to the cold weather, chilly breeze, low body temperatures & even feeling lazy due to climate change.

Amid these factors that can demotivate even the best exercisers, how do we keep up with our workout routines?
How do we stick to our exercise routine plans?
Should we be in hibernation until the winter passes?
It's so cold outside How do I workout?

We all have these questions in mind. When it's already challenging to stick to our fitness goals, the cold weather makes it even worse. It's very easy to just give up & stay warm and cozy on the couch. But, the regret sets in when we notice that we have gained weight & lost touch with our routine.

So, here are a few ways to exercise indoors & keep up the intensity of your workouts even in winter.

Most people who prefer exercising outdoors face many challenges in the winter season. The body takes longer to burn calories, there's a chance of catching a cold & it's difficult to motivate ourselves to go out and exercise. Many people of elderly age also prefer staying indoors during winter and miss out on daily walks. This is where turning to indoor workouts comes in as a blessing to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, beginners & elderly.

Working out indoors, especially in winter can help you burn calories faster as the body is not cold. You don't have to worry about catching a cold or covering your ears or wearing gloves. It's also easy to exercise consistently & motivate ourselves indoors. Check out some of the equipment to help you exercise indoors here: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/

So, what are the ways to workout indoors?

1) Get moving & keep the heart rate up (Cardio)
The best way to start any workout is to get your body moving. It could be with walking, running, cycling, skipping, or jumping. When you get your body to move, you get your heart rate up & start to sweat and burn calories. The duration of a cardio exercise can be from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Research shows that keeping the heart rate up for a prolonged duration of 30 minutes are more helps in improving heart health & other body functions. Check out the best Elliptical Cross Trainers here: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/home-use/cross-trainers-c-35.html

Achieving these goals indoors can be best done with a Treadmill, Exercise Bike, Skipping Rope, or Cross Fit. A treadmill is the number one fitness equipment, now getting increasingly popular in every household. A motorized treadmill eases your exercise routine and helps you in walking, running & jogging for long durations without feeling the burden of exercise.

Similarly, an exercise bike can be the best way to burn calories while you sit down and move your legs. An exercise bike simulates the action of cycling & helps to burn calories. A cross-fit machine is also becoming popular to add variety to cardio exercises without strain on joints. 

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Simply put on some music, get on a treadmill or exercise bike, and get your body moving. You can also simply do high knees, jumping jacks, or rope exercises in combination with walking & cycling indoors.

2) Upper body workout
Staying fit doesn't just end with losing weight. It also includes engaging your muscles & building them. Upper body workout includes engaging your chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps, abs & lats muscles. To engage these muscles at home you can do a combination of pushups, bench presses, crunches, pull-ups, bicep curls, lats pull down, shoulder presses & tricep extensions.

It's challenging to include all the upper body exercises without the right equipment. Especially when not, everyone has access to the gyms & fitness centers at the apartments. This is where home gym equipment with multi exercises comes in handy. Multi-gyms combine several pieces of equipment for upper & lower-body workouts in an innovative way. They include weights & equipment for several machine-based workouts to engage your muscles at home. Checkout the All-in-one Multi-gyms here: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/home-use/multi-gyms-c-38.html
Though you can just start off with push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and abs crunch at home having a multi-gym at home really help you up your fitness game.

3) Lower body workout
An exercise routine is incomplete without exercising the core muscles of the body: Leg muscles. Lower-body workouts are usually tougher than upper-body workouts & require additional effort. But the benefits include building endurance, a strong frame & an overall good physique. A combination of squats, lunges, glutes exercises, deadlifts, leg extensions, calf exercises & leg curls can help you get a complete workout. 

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An exercise bike, a multi gym & free weights aid in easing your lower body workouts. The equipment can help in increasing the intensity of your workout by engaging the right areas.

4) Body Stretches

Stretching exercises at home can help you increase the flexibility of your body. Practicing yoga & other stretching exercises can greatly benefit overall body health. Stretching exercises for shoulders, lower back, hamstrings, quads, inner thighs & hips help in improving your flexibility. Getting a yoga mat & simply doing the stretching exercises before or after the cardio and body workouts help you complete your exercise routine.
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So, these are the 4 ways that help you incorporate a full-body workout at home in winter. A fitness routine is incomplete with cardio, muscle building & stretching exercises. So, make sure to divide your exercises & include them in your home workouts.