5 Benefits of having a Gym facility in your Organisation

5 Benefits of having a Gym facility in your Organisation

By Mrunal Nikam / 17 Feb 2023

Have you ever thought that you don’t have time to go to the gym after work? My friend, you are not alone. Many workers have complained that they don't have the time or energy to take care of themselves after work. Their performance at their companies as well as their health has been impacted by this. An office gym is a revolutionary solution to this issue that many businesses are implementing.

An office gym is so much more than just another room with weights. It is a place that promotes a healthy culture. Almost every successful company has an in-office gym as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

office gym


More and more companies are starting to realize the correlation between the health of employees and their performance. Many successful companies have realized that a healthy lifestyle among their employees would reduce stress, fatigue, and other health problems. 

With the increase of desk jobs, more and more people every year are leading an inactive lifestyle. Employees are stuck to their chairs for more than 8 hours a day, at work. They go back home to rest, eat, and engulf OTT. Where exercise and a healthy diet are completely neglected here.

As a result, more and more people are feeling depressed, lazy, and unmotivated to work. It’s also causing obesity and is a primary factor contributing to several serious health conditions.

Some of the highly successful companies like Microsoft, Google, Nike, and Unilever have realized the effects of this lifestyle. Hence, they have found a way to encourage employees by setting up an indoor office gym.

But, are there any real benefits to setting up an in-office gym?
Absolutely! Yes.

Here are some benefits to the company and its employees:

1. Improves both physical and mental health
Science has shown time and again how regular exercise can have both short-term and long-term benefits. We all know the physical benefits of exercise like burning fat, strengthening muscles, improving bone density, better blood circulation, and good heart health.

Exercise also has several mental health benefits. Exercise has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and many other mental tensions. We have witnessed a rise in both physical and mental health cases among employees. So, a gym at work makes it more accessible for employees to stay healthy.

2. Exercise improves your mood
Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins in our bodies. Endorphins are chemicals that make us feel good. With an elevated mood, employees can be happier at work. This raises the working spirit among the employees which in turn improves the work culture. With an overall improved work culture, employee satisfaction and employee retention also increase.

Exercise improves your mood

3. Boosts your productivity
Living an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle increases brain function among employees. It is shown that employees who are engaged even in moderate exercises have improved problem-solving and information processing speed. 

With exercise, it is possible to improve blood circulation in our body which ensures more oxygen supply to the brain. This improves the functions of the brain and body which increases the speed and performance of the employees.

4. Raises Morale
When a company cares for its employees, it raises morale among the workforce. Everyone feels more eager to contribute to the company. The spirits are high and the work becomes smooth. 

An office gym is the kind of positive reinforcement that shows the employees that the company cares for their health and well-being. This gesture boosts morale and re-establishes the connection between employees and the company.

5. Increases Immunity and disease resistance
Many employees fall sick due to their sedentary lifestyle which makes them vulnerable to any kind of sickness. Exercise is shown to improve the immune system. This reduces the frequency of employees catching a cold and falling sick. This in turn reduces the lost man-hours due to health problems. The healthier the employees, the lesser the chances of spreading diseases.

Overall, an in-office gym is a ‘win-win’ situation for both the employees and the company. 
Come, let’s take a look at some of the must-have equipment for the office gym:

1. Treadmill
A treadmill is the primary equipment for a gym of any size. The treadmill is the 1st equipment to install at any gym. The reasons are: it’s simple to use, has many health benefits, and caters to various levels of workouts. A treadmill provides a great cardio workout for both beginners and experts.


Treadmill TAC-585

A treadmill is also the perfect equipment for employees to sneak in a quick workout during their busy office schedule. Just a 15-20-minute workout on a treadmill is shown to have incredible benefits. It improves blood circulation, raises the heart rate, burns fat and calories, and makes you active. A treadmill workout also improves mental health. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. 

2. Exercise Bike
An exercise bike is yet another must-have piece of equipment for a gym of any size. It’s compact, budget-friendly, easy to use, and highly effective. An exercise bike is stationary equipment that mimics the motion of the legs while riding a bicycle.

exercise bike

It is one of the excellent cardio workout machines. It improves heart health, boosts metabolism, strengthens bones and muscles, and also improves immunity.

3. Elliptical cross trainer
A new range of low-intensity cardio equipment that is perfect for a good workout without hurting yourself. An Elliptical cross trainer is kind of like a mix of both an exercise bike and a treadmill. It provides the circular motion of the legs and also the running action of a treadmill.

elliptical cross trainer
An elliptical engages both the upper and lower body’s bones and muscle groups. It improves heart health and helps in losing weight. It activates the body and mind.

4. A multi-gym
Multi-gyms are the best equipment that offers so much variety in just one place. A multi-gym has weights and benches which can be used to engage and build several muscles all over the body. A beginner should lift weights according to their comfort. 

multi gym
Multi gyms are one-stop fitness equipment to engage several core muscles in our body. These are multipurpose and highly sophisticated equipment to help employees get a complete workout.

5. Free weights
Free weights are the most popular gym equipment. Bars and dumbbells of various weights are widely used to engage core muscles and pull off a high-intensity muscle contraction workout in a properly isolated form.

free weights
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