5 Factors to consider before buying the right treadmill for you.

5 Factors to consider before buying the right treadmill for you.

By Mrunal Nikam / 15 Sep 2022

Any amount you spend for improving yourself is an investment in yourself, not an expense. That's why buying a treadmill is an investment we make to improve our health. When you make such an investment in yourself, you need to be smart about it. With so many awesome treadmills available, How do you choose the right one for you? How do you decide?

To make that decision easier for you, we have put together 5 key factors to consider before you buy a treadmill.

1. Type of Treadmill
There are 4 types of treadmills available: Manual, Motorized, Folding & Commercial.

Manual Treadmill
As the name suggests, a manual treadmill is a treadmill that runs with human effort. Manual treadmills are not automatic and do not run on electricity. They only start when you start walking or running.

Motorized treadmill
A motorized treadmill is an automatic treadmill. It comes with a motor & it runs with electricity. You have the controls to change the speed, start & stop, incline, set programs, etc.

Folding treadmill
Folding treadmills are the most popular domestic used treadmills. They're motorized & save space at home by folding up when you don't use them. With a button, you can fold it down & start using it.

Commercial treadmill
These are heavy use & robust treadmills that you find at a gym. They're heavier, more durable & expensive than regular domestic treadmills.

If you're buying a treadmill for your home, a folding treadmill (home use) is best for you. A manual treadmill is cheaper but it comes with its drawbacks. You can't control a manual treadmill to start and stop. It requires much more effort to start and stop. It may affect your interest in a workout or may even cause injuries. A commercial treadmill is not recommended unless you have hundreds of users using it.

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2. Type of Motor & Horse Power
Horsepower (HP) is the measure of treadmill motor energy. The higher the horsepower rating, the stronger the motor. Generally, a 2.0 HP motor is enough for walking & running. You can select 2.5 or 3.0 or 4 HP motors for more speed & heavy user weight.

There are DC & AC motors are the 2 types of motors. DC (Direct current) driven treadmills power most home treadmills. DC treadmills run with lesser noise & are more energy efficient. AC motors are considered more powerful than DC motors.

Generally, A 2.0 - 4.0 HP DC motor is sufficient for regular domestic use.

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3. Maximum user weight
Maximum user weight is a key factor to consider as it affects the life of the treadmill. If you are not choosing a treadmill with the right user weight for you, then it affects the usage of the treadmill. User weight differs if you are walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill.

Let's take an example to explain. Let's say your (anyone using the treadmill) weight is 100kg. If you want to use the treadmill for brisk walking, you can buy a treadmill with a maximum user weight of 100kgs or more. If you use a treadmill for jogging, you can buy a treadmill with your user weight + 10 kgs. Select a treadmill with a max user weight of 110 kgs or more. If you want to use a treadmill for running, you can buy a treadmill with your user weight + 25 kgs. Select a treadmill with a max user weight of 125 kgs or more.

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4. Running Surface & Frame

Take a look at the length & width of a running surface, before you buy a treadmill. A larger running area offers more comfort to walk & run freely. For an average user, a running surface of over 1200*400 mm is ideal.

A treadmill Frame is the skeleton of the treadmill. The stronger the frame, the better the durability. A good treadmill will have a frame that's made with high-quality & heavier-gauged steel. A poor frame causes instability & more noise when using a treadmill. Make sure to choose a treadmill with a strong frame.

A treadmill with shock absorption features is an added bonus. The shock absorption feature ensures your safety & longevity of the treadmill. 

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5. Technology & other factors
The last factor to consider is the technology that the treadmill uses. Check out the display feature on the treadmill. Treadmills usually have an LCD display to show the time, distance & calories burnt. Some treadmills also offer larger screens & touch features to play any video. 

There are also treadmills with a heart rate sensor to show your heart rate. Check out the preset programs that the treadmill is offering. Many treadmills also offer in-built speakers to play music. You can connect your phone with AUX & mp3 input. A better technology treadmill offers Bluetooth connectivity. You can operate the treadmill via the app also.

Make note of the safety features on the treadmill like auto-stop. 

The incline feature makes your workouts more effective with the same speed. Check whether there's an auto or manual incline on your treadmill. Take a look at the warranty & customer service offered by the company as well.

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This is our list of 5 Factors to consider before buying a treadmill. Keep these in mind or refer to this article to make a smart buying choice.

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