20 Oct, 2018


There has always been a love-hate relationship between treadmill and runners. Treadmills, honestly, are no less than a blessing in disguise for working-class people. Every person loves having a well-built physique and great stamina, but then again, easier said than done. It takes a lot of time and money to get what we want. It’s tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have an uptight hectic schedule. Many times, traffic or weather doesn’t allow to move an inch, leave alone going to the gym to exercise. In such cases, treadmills prove to be the best way out. Treadmills never disappoint you. They do what they are bought in for.  Still, people hesitate from buying or using it.

Using treadmill can eliminate risky ailments such as heart attack, diabetes, asthma, and many joint related problems.  There are various kinds of treadmills available in the market for different people.  To ease your anxiety and make you confident to use treadmills here we present your ultimate treadmill guide- 8 Reasons How Running on a Treadmill is Great for Fitness:

  1. REDUCED CHANCES OF INJURY- Treadmills have smooth surfaces and it impacts less on the lower body parts such as legs and knees as compared to the concrete pavements and roads. Running on roads might cause you some serious problem plus busy roads and traffic is not the safe place to do your evening jog.
  2. ENABLES YOU TO KEEP A CHECK ON YOUR HEALTH- The digital LCD monitor placed on your treadmill helps you in keeping a watch on your health. It shows the speed, distance and calories so burnt. It will help you track your improvements which you won’t be able to do while running on the road.
  3. START A RACE WITH YOURSELF- Modern day treadmills come with various new and effective features that can benefit you in several ways. Modern treadmills are programmed in such a way that it provides you with facilities of racing with yourself. A demo race kind of a thing. It can help you train yourself for the ultimate race of yours.
  4.  TREADMILL IS GOOD FOR HEART- Treadmills are good for the heart as it demolishes or reduces bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol in the body which helps in preventing heart blockages. New treadmills have a heart rate monitor which is very much useful in closely keeping an eye on your heart rate.
  5. TREADMILLS ARE PERSONALIZED- Treadmills are safe, personalized and comfortable. You can use it at any hour of the day. At the gym or in any fitness centre for that matters, there is always a huge queue waiting for their turn to use treadmills that too for a very short span of time which doesn’t even completely satiate your urge. But using a personalized treadmill gives you the exact King like workout feels within the space of your home.
  6. INCREASED BONE DENSITY- There is a certain amount of minerals present in our bones, running more will increase the level of minerals present in the bones, making it stronger and tougher. This is called bone density. Treadmills provide you with proper running session that can increase the amount of minerals in the bone. Increased bone density helps in fighting against several fatal diseases which cause painful sensations in joints.
  7.  INCREASED MUSCLE DENSITY- You might have noticed, runners have a well-built calves simply because running strengthens the leg muscles. Running on treadmill not only strengthens your leg muscles but also develops core strength because of the involvement of abdominal muscles while running and arms’ muscles as the runner constantly swings his hands while running on a treadmill. Strong muscles not only make you look good but also gives you immense self-confidence and levels up your self-esteem.
  8. INCREASED STAMINA AND WEIGHT LOSS - Running improves your stamina five folds. Running constantly, everyday for half an hour or so will help you develop stamina. And the best part is you can watch yourself growing everyday a little bit. And that feeling of achieving something will boost a volcano of energy in you. Running on the treadmill can also help you lose extra kilos from your body. It not only reduces belly fat but actually helps you shed some serious weight.

Running is never bad and running on a treadmill is not a bad idea either. Treadmills have proved to be the best and effective method of exercising. From cardio to muscle building, one can easily do all of that by using a simple treadmill. Owning a treadmill is nothing but a mini- gym in the comfort of your house and within your budget too. If you own a treadmill, starting running on it today. If you don’t have a treadmill, buy one now.

Keep running, stay fit.