Can kids use massage chairs?

Can kids use massage chairs?

By PowerMax Fitness / 26 Dec 2017

‘Kids imitate their parents’... is a common saying and we must have experienced the same number of times. When you buy a massage chair and you have it in your home, your kids also want to use it. They become curious to experience it as using a massage chair can be a novel experience for them. At this moment, you feel yourself in a discomfit situation, whether is it good for kids to use a massage chair or not? Is there any harm if kids use massage chairs?

According to our experts, the answer is YES. Sure, there are limits; under about the age of 10 or so, children must never use a massage chair without adult supervision.However, if 10+ years kids are taught to use the chair in a systematic manner and if they can operate independently, it’s an advantage for them to regularly use it.when children see a massage chair they jump right in to try it. The looks on their faces when the massage begins is priceless, accompanied by a huge smile.After a few minutes, they melt into the massage experience and become very calm. Younger muscles definitely benefit from massage therapy; massage chairs help increase circulation and help them to relax. And perhaps most fascinating is that typically kids love the experience of a massage chair.

Here are some interesting recommendations relating children and massage therapy:

To combat stress:  just like us adults, kids undergo stress, but they do not always manifest that stress quite the same way that we do. Divorce, school, results, competition, parental pressure, etc. can be contributors to your child’s stress. Just because they don’t exhibit the same symptoms of stress as an adult does not mean they don’t feel it significantly and deeply in their minds and heart.The massage chair can eventually become a source of therapy for your children.The kids might think it’s a game, and in fun might use it but they are in effect getting the actual therapeutic benefit when they sit in the chair and use it.Massage is a perfect musculoskeletal antidote for stress and anxiety, so using a massage chair can be used as a  therapy for your kids to relieve any stress they may be experiencing. Living with constant stress, in children and adults may result in elevated cortisol which can damage immune cells, thus weakening the immune system.Massage chairs can relieve the stress just like kids gaming or toy and, in turn, give the immune system a relief.

Medical conditions: In case, your child struggles with other medical conditions that are aggravated by stress, eg. diabetes, stress-induced asthma, allergies, auto-immune diseases, then massage chair may also help with those symptoms as well. Massage helps children with Autism. Some researchers have also shown that massage therapy did provide significant benefits in the areas of social communication, adaptive behavior, and enhancing sensory profile.

Helpful Tips For Parents:

  1. The best time to allow children a massage in a massage chair is when your child is burdened with studies or need a break.
  2. Do put him on a massage chair before your child goes to bed or after a bath when you are both more relaxed.
  3. Involve both fathers and mothers in the massage for the child with special needs.
  4. Put some music while the child is having massage.
  5. Teach your child the art of meditating while relaxing on a massage chair.

Therefore, when you count about innumerable benefits of a massage chair, you might just consider owning a massage chair and enjoying its benefits for your kids or grandchildren as well as for the entire family.