Conscience: Your ultimate trainer

03 Sep, 2019

Conscience: Your ultimate trainer

Conscience: Your ultimate trainer 

  1. Is your trainer motivating you enough?
  2. Is he giving you the support?
  3. Has he been with you all the time throughout your fitness journey?

Well, it is observed that people spend about 1 or 2 hours in the gym. Often in the day of 24 hours 1 or 2 hours might not groom you into a physically and mentally fit individual. Fitness is about how you live your life and not how you spend 1 or 2 hours your day right?

So who is your trainer in these 24 hours of training?
Who grooms you, corrects you and most importantly motivates you in your day?

Well, it has to be your inner conscience. It has to be your belief in yourself that will motivate you and guide you throughout your day. This conscience is your trainer for a better life and overall fitness.

It will support you:
This belief will give you the support against the weights of life that goes against you. You will be facing the force of weights against you when people will criticize you. When people will make you feel guilty for your choices and make you feel down, that is the time this belief will motivate you and give you the desired confidence. 

This conscience will warn you where you go wrong:
Often this voice of belief is the one which is a wise and most mature voice in you. This voice, it has the confidence to tell you that you are on the right track, it also has enough strength to tell you that you are going wrong somewhere. It's your conscience.
That believes in you. It is your ultimate trainer. Listen to your conscience and it will guide you to perfection.

It will strengthen you emotionally:
Often your maturity is described as your propensity to do the right thing without any supervision. It's your ability to handle your emotions when there is no one else to help you out. Such a state of mind can only be achieved with a good conscience.

Your consciousness is your all-time mentor that will keep your emotional muscle on the check. 

It will be there all the time:
Unlike regular trainers, it will be there with you for 24 hours. It will look upon every aspect of your growth. It will be your all-time guide.

Is it free of cost?:
No! It is not free of cost. You can only achieve this trainer by paying your attention. You can achieve it through meditation, by being more focused and staying away from distractions. You have to pay the price of all the distracting elements of your life like excess entertainment. This trainer is costly in terms of attention but cheap economically. 

Life is a gym and conscience is your trainer. Follow this consciousness and you will lead a fit life.

We at PowerMax know about this consciousness and are committed to giving you the belief that you can achieve your fitness goals. Our gym equipment is scientifically designed and manufactured with the best quality material aiding your consciousness towards your life.
We are committed to our goal for a healthy and conscious world and are swift in our actions. Not to forget even our efforts are conscious of your needs.

Author: Varun Pandey