Exercise Bike 101: A Guide for Everyone

Exercise Bike 101: A Guide for Everyone

By Mrunal Nikam / 01 Oct 2022

If you're new to the fitness world, you might be wondering what’s the right equipment for you. There are so many awesome options available, but how do you choose the best one for you? To solve this issue, here's an A-Z guide on one of the equipments: Exercise Bikes (one of the most popular exercise equipment).

So, what is an Exercise Bike?
As a kid, you might have seen or ridden a bicycle. An exercise bike is the exact replica of the bicycle excluding the wheels. You would have also known that riding a bicycle is good exercise. An exercise bike is designed for this exact purpose. It's made to give you the health benefits of cycling without worrying about the weather, falling down & getting hurt.

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Now, let's get into the types of Exercise bike
There's so much variety when you're choosing an exercise bike. Depending on your need you have 3 types of exercise bikes to choose from. They are Upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes & spinning bikes. Let's understand each type of exercise bike in simple terms.

1. Upright Exercise bikes

An upright exercise bike, as the name suggests, keeps you seated in an upright position. It's very similar to a road bicycle. Upright bikes are the simplest & the most popular type of exercise bike.

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2. Recumbent Exercise bike

Recumbent exercise bikes have back support. It has a bucket seat & pedals are in front of you. They support your back & as your feet are level with your hips your blood pressure stays lower. They would be a better choice for you if you suffer from high blood pressure.

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3. Spinning Bikes

Spinning bikes are the nearest substitute to real cycling. It looks like a mountain bike. These are very popular equipment in your gyms & health clubs. They are also called Group exercise bikes. 

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Let it be any type of exercise bike, A good exercise bike has some amazing features. Let's look at some of the Best Features of an exercise bike

A flywheel is the heart of an exercise bike. Higher the weight of a flywheel, the higher the comfort. A higher-weight flywheel also increases the smoothness of pedaling. A heavier flywheel offers more resistance, hence you put more effort and burn more calories. But, it may also lead to occupying more space & may get difficult to move. So, choose an ideal one for your need. If you're a beginner, 7-9 kg flywheel weight is ideal. If you're an intermediary or an expert a flywheel weight of 9-15 kgs is perfect.

Display Screen: 

A good exercise bike has a display screen to show the time, speed, distance & calories burnt. Some exercise bikes even track your heart rate & display it.
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Resistance levels adjustment:
A good resistance level adjustment is a great feature to look out for in an exercise bike. A good exercise bike should offer various levels of resistance for its users. Whether manual or electronic, resistance changes should be easy to apply & change quickly. 

Seat adjustment: 

A comfortable seat with a proper seat adjustment is a feature that good quality exercise bikes offer. Adjusting the height of a seat at various levels helps you pick the right height.

Handlebar adjustment:
Some people prefer to lean forward while pedaling & others sit upright on an exercise bike. Make sure the exercise bike offers an adjustable handlebar to meet your needs.

A good exercise bike has a solid frame and it's stable even during intense workouts.

These are some of the features that a good exercise bike offers. Now, let's see the benefits of an exercise bike workout:

1. Improves muscle strength & tones your body
Cycling will strengthen & tone your leg muscles. The primary muscles that are engaged on a gym bike are the quadriceps (front of the thighs), glutes (bottom), hamstrings (back of the thighs), calves (back of the leg below the knee), and hip flexors (bottom of the stomach). A regular workout on an exercise bike helps you tone your lower body & reduce fat. It also improves your bone strength.

2. Low-impact exercise
An exercise bike workout is a low-intensity exercise. You don't get hurt & it doesn't cause a lot of injuries with the workout. It also strengthens your knees & joints. The smooth motion & low-impact action makes it very easy on your joints & muscles. It doesn't cause much strain & can be done after a heavy workout session at the gym.

3. Weight loss
Exercise bikes are one of the most affordable weight loss machines. The amount of calories you burn after a 20-30 minute workout is significant compared to other cardio exercises. It is best to lose weight, burn fat & tone your body. It is easy to operate and the risk of injuries is also very low. Here are the best exercise bikes for weight loss: https://www.powermaxfitness.net/home-use/exercise-bikes/bu-201-dual-action-air-bikeexercise-bike-with-back-support-pd-618.html

4. Cardiovascular health
Cycling is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise. It engages your heart & improves its health. A healthy cardiovascular system reduces the risk of stroke or heart attacks. Cardio training on an exercise bike helps improve your heart health which reduces blood pressure.

5. Improves Endurance & consistency
Compared to cycling using an exercise bike is more effective. Cycling becomes hard to pursue as an exercise if the weather is not good & tracks are damaged. Regardless of the weather & road conditions, you can freely use an exercise bike. A focused resistance on an exercise bike improves your endurance. With other factors in control, it helps improve your consistency of working out.

These are some of the benefits of using an exercise bike, Now let's see How to use an exercise bike?

Place your exercise bike on an even surface. Sit down comfortably on the cushioned surface. Hold the handles in front of you. Start by gently working the pedals below. As you get accustomed to the movement, increase the speed & continue your workout for the right duration.
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