Fitness equipment financing options

There are usually a number of procurement/funding options available to you, but the most common are :

  1. Pay from your own cash resources - This gives you some initial flexibility but it also ties up your cash in the fitness equipment.
  2. Take out a bank loan - Whilst this is often a viable option, it can be difficult to find a bank willing to lend in the current financial climate. Normally banks are interested to finance high value and secondly, the cost associated with processing loan amount doesn’t work well for the low-value loan amount.

Powermax – Here to help

Powermax is committed to helping our customers source the best finance options in the marketplace and to providing unbiased assistance, with complete transparency. Powermax has a built a wealth of experience in securing finance solutions across many markets and established numerous contacts within the finance sector.

We can offer you Instant EMI payment options.You as a consumer get the convenience of paying for large ticket purchases in clearly defined installments with multiple tenure options. No lengthy paperwork. Instant EMI payment option.

All we need is your credit card to swipe Instant EMI payment option.
We are passionate about health and fitness and want you to be successful.
For more information, and to find out what on spot finance options are available in your locality from Powermax, please Contact Us. Or visit our store.