Cant stick to your new year resolution?

28 Jan, 2019

Cant stick to your new year resolution?

Don't worry. You are not alone. We all make resolutions each year, promising ourselves to diligently work hard and achieve our weight goal, just this time…But as a week goes by, we all find ourselves back to square one.

What's going wrong?
These are the 10 likely reasons you are not able to make it:-

  • No planning. 
  • Unrealistic goals.     
  • No emotional connection to the commitment. Taking the resolution for namesake
  • Framing the resolutions in a negative, unattractive manner. (‘Lose all excess weight’ instead of ‘Get perfectly fit and flexible’)
  • It is often a thing you “have to” do instead of “want to” 
  • Only the goal is written, not the steps and instructions to be followed.    
  • Goals are written in the future tense. (Hence, always remains a thing of the future)
  • As the year passes by, willpower and self-self-control decreases. 
  • No target date, so we think we have a lot go time and start procrastinating. 
  • No reward or satisfaction give as we reach each small milestone.

So what now? We’re already halfway through the year with most of us, having broken our resolutions already.  How can we get back? 
Here are five fitness commitments you can keep, starting now, so we don’t waste another year in procrastination. 

1. Find a fitness buddy
Some of us like to work out on our own, but some of us accomplish more when we are in a team environment. Going to the gym or a class alone can often be un-motivating, boring and can lead to you lose interest.
To conquer this find friends who have similar fitness goals as you do and go with them. Finding a fitness pal that will encourage you along the way and someone you can encourage will help you on your journey and ensure a few laughs along the way.

2. Order salad instead of fries
It a matter of those 2 minutes while you're placing your order. Resisting the temptation to choose the tasty-looking fries over a healthy salad will reward you in the longer run. Yes, it is difficult, but a conscious effort never goes waste.

3. Be adventurous with your style of exercise
A great fitness resolution is to promise yourself that you’ll try something new. Sometimes it’s nice to get yourself out of the air-conditioned comfort of a gym and take a hike somewhere or run along the beach. Better yet, try something completely out of your comfort zone and get the adrenalin pumping with some trekking or swimming. 
You could also try Dumbbells, Recumbent Bike, Group Bike, Upright Bike.

4. Saturday mornings at the farmers' markets
Stop resorting to the pre-packaged meals in the frozen food aisle and turn your Saturday mornings into a visit to the local farmers market. Grab yourself a fresh juice and open up your world to affordable and fresh produce. You’ll not only notice the benefits to your energy levels and health but your bank balance too.

5. Commit to Exercise thrice a week 
If you’re struggling to muster motivation, try committing to one personal training session a week. The major thrust required is in standing up, wearing shoes and getting on the treadmill. Once you get through this, the rest is easy and automatic. 

So what are you waiting for? Start now. Small steps towards a healthier you.