How can Fitness play an important role  in Nation building?

How can Fitness play an important role in Nation building?

By Mrunal Nikam / 27 Jan 2023

We all have heard the saying - Health is Wealth. I would stretch it a little bit and say- a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. It is a fact. Most developed countries have a higher life expectancy than less developed countries.

Most of the time when this topic is discussed we blame our country for our life expectancy. We blame the infrastructure, health care system, hygiene, our government, etc. But, how about we take responsibility and blame ourselves? Because taking care of our health is in our hands. All the other external factors are not in our control.

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When we focus on things that are in our control we realize that when we take care of our fitness we improve our health. When we collectively decide to improve our fitness, it also contributes to building a better nation. A better nation would be able to provide better facilities which again promotes life expectancy.

Taking responsibility for our own health and fitness will play a very big role in building a great Nation. Collectively we set a great example for generations to come to lead a healthy life.

Below are the 5 ways in which your personal fitness can play a crucial role in Nation building.

1. Increases Life expectancy
Exercise and fitness are important ways to increase our lifespan. It greatly reduces health risks and increases our life expectancy.

Increases Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a country greatly increases when its citizens follow a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle would include regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Following a healthy lifestyle is proven to reduce the fast aging of our cells. When we individually follow a fitness routine, we tend to reduce cellular aging. This makes us age slower and hence improves our life expectancy.

A major cause of death: heart disease can be greatly reduced if we practice a fitness routine. We minimize the risk of heart attacks and thereby reduce the deaths caused by heart diseases. 

Many other factors which reduce our life expectancy can be greatly reduced when we improve our fitness levels. We reduce the risks of organ failures and other illnesses by raising our health standards.

When we increase our life expectancy, our country grows. Many more people are healthier and play a great role in building a better country.

2. Boosts economy
When people are healthier, they are more productive. More and more people actively participate in their jobs and work towards increasing the GDP of our country. When the working population of a country is productive, it boosts the country’s economy.

The government receives more and more taxes from the active working population which can be used in improving the nation. A country’s production capabilities also increase with a productive workforce. This makes other countries set up their manufacturing units in our country and boost our economy.

Boosts economy

The government’s expenses on healthcare also reduce when fitness becomes the primary focus of our country. With increased revenue and reduced expenses, a country can reduce its fiscal deficit. A healthy nation also promotes tourism and more work opportunities from other countries.

3. Reduces medical expenses
Medical expenses like purchasing medicines, costs of surgeries, and other medical procedures can be reduced when we follow a healthy lifestyle. When a family’s medical expenses are reduced because of the improvement in health, it greatly contributes to building a better nation

Reduces medical expenses

When the health of a family is better, there are more opportunities to earn. More members can actively participate in increasing the income of the family. Even the government’s spending on health reduces and more income opportunities are created which help in the growth of a country.

4. Decreases income inequality
Income inequality decreases when families are healthier. Fitness increases the overall health and well-being of a country. With healthier individuals who contribute to increasing the income of the household, the standard of living also increases.

Decreases income inequality

Without sudden deaths in the family and more people to contribute, more and more families are lifted out of poverty. This increases the standard of living of the people and reduces income inequalities. Medical expenses are also a huge burden on low-income households which can be reduced with a healthier lifestyle.

A country with less income inequality is a dream come true for all our citizens. We see a direct correlation between income equality and the development of a country. A developed country has less income inequality compared to other less developed countries.  Our global happiness index ranking also gets better when a country is healthier and earning more.

5. Improves the lifestyle of future generations.
Following a healthy lifestyle can be passed on to future generations as well. When parents follow a healthy lifestyle, kids are also motivated to live healthier lives. We pass on a much healthier gene to our offspring and reduce some of the genetic diseases like BP and sugar.

When a family’s income also increases due to improved health and fitness, children have a better foundation to learn and grow.

Improves the lifestyle of future generations

The mortality rate among kids also decreases as they take part in a more active lifestyle. Participation in sports, learning, and education increases when children don’t fall sick very often. 

Fitness, therefore, is a great way to improve your health and at the same time build a better nation. We, at Powermax fitness, are happy to play a small role in building a healthier nation and hope this has inspired you to follow a better lifestyle. Do check out our sale for this republic day on Powermax fitness