How to choose the right Home Exercise Equipment?

11 Oct, 2018

How to choose the right Home Exercise Equipment?

There has been a lot of focus on health and fitness over the last few years and with various technologies and smart phone app’s providing more and more information about one’s health, it is highly unlikely that you would meet a person who is not making an effort to either sustain or improve their fitness levels. However, the most constant challenges that all of us face are:

  • >> Expenses Related to Gym Fees and other fitness classes

  • >> Dedicating a right time to fitness in our day to day busy schedules

  • >> Following a daily routine

While the last point is more to do with our mental preparedness and our will to keep the promises we make to ourselves. The first two points do have alternatives that can be both light on your pockets and also save you time in the daily commute to and fro from the gym.

Yes, I am talking about owning fitness equipments at home. Now, before you quickly ridicule this idea of work out equipments for home, let me help you understand why this could be beneficial and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Start by answering the questions below for yourselves and based on those answers you can purchase the necessary home equipments and make you ready for those summer vacations on the beach.

What is my fitness goal? Or why do I wish to work out?

This is the most important aspect in helping you determine the kind of equipments you need. Your individual goals can spread from losing weight, staying in shape, strengthening muscles, increasing stamina or even getting those six pack abs that would make women drool over you. Pick and choose your goals wisely as you are making an investment for yourself and you should not be bored with it within a short period of time.

How much space do I have in my flat / apartment / house?

You may dream of building a fully equipped gymnasium in your house, but it will last only till you open your eyes to realise that you may not have sufficient space. It is very important that you designate a specific space to the work out equipments as you do not want to assemble them on a daily basis and waste the time that you are actually saving on the commute. Based on your fitness goal and the amount of space available you can now identify what would suit your needs, a treadmill, an elliptical, weights or exercise bike.

What is the amount of money that you are willing to spend?

Lastly you need to decide on a budget that you are willing to spend on your health and fitness goals. While determining the budget, do keep in mind that you are purchasing house workout equipments to save your time and to ensure that you build routine and that you can stick to it. Also , the investment would be a long term investment hence, try and keep your budget little flexible as you would want to invest in something that keeps you interested and also helps you achieve your goals over a period of time and not just immediate goals.

How to choose the right equipment for yourself?

The best way to choose the right equipment is to ensure it fits in all the above three criteria’s – it should help you achieve your goal, it should fit in the available space in your house and it should not burn a hole in your pocket. Once, you have identified something that meets the above credentials, look at customer reviews for online purchases and then place the order. Customer reviews are generally honest and would tell you the exact performance of the equipments. They would also tell you the true quality of the product, which may sometimes be misleading due to the images posted by online sellers. However, if you are willing to purchase it in person, tag along someone who has knowledge about the equipments and which equipments can help you achieve your goals.

Once, you have done the above, it’s time to shred to those extra kilos and get in shape. There are numerous apps available on smart phones that guide you in various exercises that you can do and also you could YouTube for an even more real experience.

Most important thing of all is to kill the lazy bug within your body and make it a habit to work out daily. It is only with this habit of pushing yourself everyday that you will see results. And once you start seeing results for yourself, it is just a beautiful cycle to follow. Dream, Workout, Achieve the Result and Dream again!!!

“Do something today, that your future self will Thank you for tomorrow!!”