How to get the most from your treadmill

04 Mar, 2019

How to get the most from your treadmill

Despite there are a huge number of work out tools out there, the treadmill is still gaining its popularity nowadays. The treadmill is not just for reducing calories but also an effective way to ensure that you are fit and healthy. Living a healthy and happy life is the life purpose of every human beings. Keep that in mind, we should use workout tools like a treadmill to burn our high cholesterol. Those who don't have enough time to practice in the gym can choose to work out equipment that can be used at the comfort of your home. The treadmill is one such powerful work out machine that benefits you a lot. Running treadmill requires new tips and tricks to survive in the environment. If you are looking for the amazing tips to rejuvenate your workout experience to boost up your sagging muscles and to stay fit, just go through the article.

• Use a different pair of shoes
It is important to choose a dedicated pair of shoes as you alternate between indoors and outdoors. Make sure that the shoe you wear is neat and clean and free from dirt, sand and bacteria as dirt can cause the machine’s belt to lose faster. If you choose a new pair of shoes just for the workout purpose, it would be much better.

• Look at Yourself
Why don’t you set up a mirror in front of your machine while practicing the equipment? If you are running on the treadmill at your home, just set up a mirror to check what you are doing. In fact, it showcases your ability to utilize the machine effectively. Are your arms swinging back & forth properly? Are your abs moving out slowly? How about your foot movement? You can utilize your mirror to enhance the workout experience.

• Use a straight Incline
it is necessary to set the treadmill inclination to 2%. As there is no wind resistance indoor, you can try stimulates some outdoor running. However, if you prefer indoor running, its good to reduce the inclination to 0% so that you can work out in the comfort of your home.

• Try e-reading tools
You might have watched movies and TV shows while running on the treadmill but have you tried reading? yes, it would be quite interesting too. Whether it is e-reading tools or a large book, you can adjust the font size as per your requirements and can enjoy reading someone’s history while running on the treadmill. However, it is not highly recommended for intense speed work but it is extremely easy to work with big books during an easy walk.

• Split your runs
Be it an expert or beginner, it is a bit difficult to practice on the treadmill continually for an hour. If the weather is too hot, you can try to walk for some minutes or log a few miles out and then come to indoors and finish your entire run on the treadmill. If you prefer indoor track, you can log a few laps before running on the treadmill. This way, you can enjoy practicing your entire workout.

The treadmill is not just limited to running but also there are different types of treadmill workout exercises available out there. If you have got an hour, you can try 60 minutes treadmill workout which would deliver maximum results as you spend an hour. It's a kind of No excuse’s routine, which let you enjoy maximum benefits. Interval trek is yet another exercise which is specially designed to boost cardiovascular endurance.

• Warm Up Right
No matter what kind of work out machine you are using, it is essential to make sure that you do little bit warm-up exercises to wake up and stimulate your muscles to get ready for work out with heavy machines.

A basic warm-up exercise is essential to make your workout safe & effective. You won't be bored with the warm-up exercises as long as it pleases you. But, don't just jump on the treadmill and start running without doing warm-up exercises as you would end up cranking your muscles.
You can walk for 3-5 minutes. A short brisk walk will boost up your muscles to stay active. Also, consider jogging for 3 minutes, which is especially suited for males. If you are struggling for marathon face or any sports competition, you should at least jog for about a minute. However, jogging is not recommended for girls but they can walk slow instead.

Roll out your shoulders and arms for a minute. A short yoga poses will make you much more. Walking is a short warm-up exercise that helps you reach your health goal.

• Change your workout routine
In addition to the cardiovascular workout, you should opt for strength training, which is indeed an amazing thing to enhance your health. Strength training involves building endurance, strengthening abs, improving muscle performance through mobility, interval exercises etc. when you change your routine, it will give you fun, joy, and peace of mind. In this way, it helps in maintaining your heart health and regulating your blood pressure.
Most people think that treadmills are second class running, but it is not very true as you can run on the treadmill at any time no matter what the weather and how fast the temperature goes down. Be it striking summer or wavering winter, you can enjoy running on treadmills. The benefits of this amazing machine are numerous. It is very useful in the diagnosis of heart disease, cardiovascular damage and coronary artery blockages. Using a genuine treadmill is a great way to monitor the patient's vital signs. It helps to lower blood pressure by constantly maintaining the heart's health. It also helps in controlling the insulin level in Diabetes 2 patients. Exercise is not just for shaping your body but also let you live a happy and healthy life forever. So, choose the best treadmill machine and start your new routine on the go.