How to Lose Weight Using a Treadmill?

18 Jul, 2018

How to Lose Weight Using a Treadmill?

Do you want to lose weight and at a faster pace? Well – for that objective, there can’t be a better way than using a treadmill. As of today, there’s great demand for treadmills, all over the world. Let’s see here how you can achieve your objective of losing weight and looking pretty slim and beautiful by the systematic use of a cardio treadmill.

Make up your mind:

You must understand your body did not accumulate extra weight overnight. It’s a gradual process over a period of time that the unspent energy (calories) is stocked in the blood cells, and thus you gained weight. The remedy lies in spending those calories purposely, by strengthening your cardiovascular system, and losing those extra-fat cells, gradually again.

Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, running, sprinting and trekking hill etc. are ideal ways, to spend your extra unspent energy. All the above exercises are made possible at home or gym, by using the treadmill wisely. Before start using the treadmill, make up your mind that you want to reduce your extra-weight through these aerobic exercises, regularly every day. Your approach to the treadmill should be one that it’s your “friend in need”. 

Learn to use the treadmill for weight loss:

Before starting your workout on the treadmill, make it familiar as how to use the treadmill, what are the systems and controls, how to set them and similar other details. Don’t feel shy to get the help of friends, previous users or professionals at the gym.

In order to help new users, there’re pre-set programs in latest treadmills such as – Cardiovascular check for monitoring your heart-rate; Fat Burning Zone to speed up your heart-rate as you wish; Alpine Pass to mimic walking or running uphill or downhill; Interval training program to set jogging speed or sprinting speed, and switch between the two etc. You must make yourself familiar with these controls to use the treadmill advantageously.

Begin with a warm-up:

Remember you’re going to use the treadmill as the device for virtual physical exercises, for longer durations every day. So it’s advisable that before beginning the workout on the treadmill, you do simple exercises to warm up and start the workout slowly. Increase the speed steadily and gradually and reach the peak at the closing period.

Follow the precautions carefully:

While using the treadmill for a targeted purpose of losing weight, it should be borne in mind that you follow the right precautions. For example, holding the sidebars will prevent you from gaining the maximum benefit of running, jogging and climbing the hill stances, and will end up in burning lesser calories than expected.

Step by step workout plans are essential:

Using the treadmill for weight loss should be in a planned manner. Better you consult professionals to chart out your plans, to make formidable use of the treadmill to achieve your goal. This can be made easy, if you mix up in equal proportions the physical exercises every day, on a week-to-week basis.

During the initial period of one to two weeks, your workouts should be easier and without much straining the muscles or nerves. When time goes on, you’ll find using the treadmill very easy, because you get accustomed to the systematic workouts.

Then you can raise the momentum and speed of workouts slowly, and alternate between harder exercises and easier exercises in a typical week. Here it is to be remembered that rather than walking or jogging on the plain road, climbing a hill or running up and down will greatly help spend more calories, and lose weight easily.

Importantly, during the use of the treadmill for weight loss, it is vital you take care of your food intake. Plan your dishes carefully for only needed calories every day. Best of Luck!