Know the science behind massage chairs and how they work

10 Sep, 2018

Know the science behind massage chairs and how they work

It is rather obvious that technology never ceases to amaze us with every breaking day. This has been observed for a couple of years now due to the invention of various machines that make the world a haven for everyone. Have you ever thought of relieving your backaches, leg pains, muscles stiffness and even stress just by sitting on a chair and using a remote to control what the chair does? Oh! Let this not be news to you anymore because you are about to be informed about the science behind massage chairs and how they work.

While it might appear quite complex, massage chairs function in a simple way. Therefore, professional help is not a necessity unless otherwise. These chairs are more ideal as compared to other body massagers which are meant to take care of specified body parts. What is the need of easing your back pains while your neck is too stiff for you to even turn? Massage chairs are the solution to getting your whole body soothed and pampered with minimal efforts.

Types of massage chairs and how they work

Massage chairs feature a device that basically works by offering a massage sensation to the person sitting on the chair. Interesting, right? Most manufacturers have featured reclining power for the massage chairs just to ensure you get the best out of the chair. You can adjust it using a button or remote depending on the model and design. In the market, there are different models of massage chairs each made to enhance comfort while administering massage to an individual.

Vibration massage chairs

These are the most common massage chairs. They contain vibration elements which make the massage possible. Others are made of more advanced machinery which allows them to perform in resemblance with the techniques used by a massage therapist.

Water massage chairs

Additionally, more creative designs have emerged over the years to make the experience even more enjoyable. Today, there are massage chairs that use water to calm your tension and take away your stress without you getting any wet. How cool is that? These massage chairs consist of a waterproof membrane to ensure the areas in contact stay dry.

Airbag massage chairs

Let us not forget the massage chairs that incorporate airbags to ensure the muscles are properly squeezed for relaxation as well as improve the blood flow in the body. Just like a massage therapist would grab on the muscles and professionally squeeze them until they relax, these massage chairs will see you through this process as you comfortably meditate in your house. Mostly, this model of massage chairs concentrates on the arms and legs. it is fascinating that you can also control the intensity of the massage. After all, you are the beneficiary and your needs should be the priority. This is absolutely magical.

Essentially, massage chairs are meant to get you relaxed. Isn’t that what you just read above? Stop perturbing about missed sessions with your massage therapist that are time-limited and quite pricey. Now that you are knowledgeable about the science behind massage chairs and how they work, you better invest in one and enjoy every step of this journey to a healthier you.