Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist : Who is the winner here ?

20 Apr, 2018

Massage Chair VS Massage Therapist : Who is the winner here ?

Wouldn’t you love it if you could get a full body massage after a tiring day? Wouldn’t it feel nice if you could get a relaxing massage anytime you want at your home without having to go anywhere?  Well, a massage chair is an answer here.

We go to the office, attend meetings and work for 8-9 hours every day. But in this busy lifestyle, do we give enough time to our health? Working continuously for a longer duration of time leads to stress. A relaxing massage at the end of every day could relieve your stress and anxiety which in turn will offer you a healthy living. This is where owning a massage chair seems very useful because you have the complete access to a pleasurable massage at the comfort of your home.

But the big question is, can massage chairs actually replace the traditional massage therapies from trained professionals?

Let us highlight the pros and cons of both Massage chair and Massage therapist.

Massage chair: 


Programmed to replicate human-like therapy:

The present-day premium range massage chairs are programmed to replicate actual human massage therapy techniques like Shiatsu. Most of the massage chairs come with a handheld the remote.All you need to do is set the exact pressure and vibration that you desire and then sit back to enjoy a relaxing massage session.

Economical :

Let us look at a small example. Usually, a massage therapy
costs somewhere around $70 per session. So suppose if you take three massage sessions in a
month it will cost you $240 per month and $2880 per year. However, if you invest in a massage
chair by paying $3000-$5000 it will provide a greater R.O.I for at least 4 years. In addition to
that, you can take unlimited massages whenever you want.

Privacy and convenience:

With a massage chair, you can enjoy your private time in the comfort of your home. You can
play some peaceful music and enjoy a long never ending therapy. You can be wearing any attire
without any restrictions. For those who do not want to spend some alone time after a tiring day, massage chairs are the best option for them.

Cons :

  • Massage chairs lack the feeling of actual human touch and interaction
  • Lack of professionalism and experience, unlike trained massage therapists.

Massage therapist:

Pros :

The benefit of Human touch :

Looking at it biologically, human touch releases a chemical called endorphin that helps in relieving your stress and anxiety. This is what massage chairs lack. 

Professional advice: 

Usually, massage therapists are trained professionals with years of experience and expertise in various massage techniques. Thus a healthy interaction between you and your therapist can help you out with your queries.

Individual massage techniques:

Massage therapist adheres to the problems of each client separately and provides individual solutions to each one of them. But this is not the case with massage chairs as they are programmed to offer only a particular type of therapy.


Cost of therapy:

As mentioned above, therapies are quite costlier depending on the experience of your therapist.Thus hiring a massage therapist involves a lot of money.


What if you got late from your office someday? Your massage therapist won’t come and give you a massage at midnight but your massage chair will do that.


Most people do not prefer to drive to their therapists after a hectic day. Instead, they prefer to own a massage chair that caters to their needs.


Both human massage and a massage chair are beneficial for a quality life and long-term health benefits. However, if you are one of those who wants to enjoy a pleasurable massage at the comfort of your home then you should go for a massage chair.