New Year, New You, a healthy way to lose weight in 2023

New Year, New You, a healthy way to lose weight in 2023

By Mrunal Nikam / 13 Jan 2023

A new year is around the corner and excitement is in the air. A new year represents a new beginning. A fresh start. The excitement for a new year is palpable among fitness enthusiasts as it allows us to start fresh and lose weight. A new year brings new hope for change. So, we’ve brought to you 3 fitness tips to lose weight in 2023.

With 2023 around the corner many people have started thinking about their new year’s resolutions. We have many new year’s resolutions like getting a job, starting exercising, eating healthy, etc. But every new year’s resolution would include losing weight for most people. 

What’s the reason for giving up? 
Most people think it is a lack of motivation. That’s not true. There are thousands of motivational videos to get motivated and lose weight. The real reason for giving up is not having a bulletproof actionable plan. Not having a bulletproof actionable is the reason why many fitness enthusiasts fail to lose weight and keep hoping to do it next year.

This post is intended to help you build the exact bulletproof actionable plan that will help you lose weight in 2023. We have brought to you 3 fitness tips to lose weight in 2023. Use these tips to build better awareness and start working on your actionable plan for 2023.

Tip #1: Identify your roadblocks
Roadblocks are the challenges that you encounter in your journey to reach your destination. In this case, if your destination is losing weight then identify what are the roadblocks that stop you from getting there.
Road Blocks

Some common roadblocks to losing weight are: Not exercising regularly, eating junk food, not feeling like going to the gym, being unable to control yourself from eating sweets, being too tired to exercise, not running outside due to cold weather, etc. Here are some tools to exercise indoors:

Whatever your roadblock may be, identify that. Many people don’t even know what their roadblocks are. Once you identify your roadblocks, you can plan to tackle them one by one.

For example, if not feeling like going to the gym is your roadblock, then you can consider an alternate approach like getting yourself a treadmill. Or If you feel too tired to exercise, you can use a low-intensity machine like a rower.

Take a pen and a piece of paper. Make a list of all the possible roadblocks that made you quit in the last few years.

Tip #2: Come up with new ways of clearing your roadblocks

Until this point in time, you must have just turned back and given up on your goal of losing weight because of your roadblocks. This new year builds that bulletproof action plan you have already started with a list of all the possible roadblocks.

Now, write down all the possible solutions to clear those roadblocks. Use innovative ways to clear the roadblocks.

For example, if you can’t stop yourself from eating that sweet, check for a healthier alternative that’s sweet but doesn’t add weight, or If you can’t exercise regularly start a habit of checking your weight daily and tracking it. Research shows that simply tracking your weight every day makes you more aware and your brain slowly starts to look for ways to reduce it. Here are a few weight scales:

Don’t try to solve every roadblock 100%. The key here is not perfection. The key is progress. With the new ways of clearing roadblocks, you are making yourself better equipped to try something new. This doesn’t mean that you will not fall back. When you fall back track it and write down new ways to solve that roadblock too. Make it a habit.

Tip #3: Breakdown your goals and make them smaller

Many people often make the mistake of setting lofty goals like losing 15 kgs in a month. This goal is not at all realistic. Setting these kinds of goals is what makes people give up. Setting these kinds of unrealistic goals will make you feel overwhelmed and you start doubting yourself. Just ask yourself, if you want to lose 15 kgs in a month, then you would have to lose half a kg every day. How is that sustainable if you have never done it?

workout on treadmill

Instead, break down your goals into smaller actionable goals. For example, my goal is to do 10 minutes of walking on my treadmill today. Or My goal is to eat one less snack today. Here are a few treadmills for you:

It’s okay to start setting smaller goals for yourself. Smaller goals don’t sound fancy like a goal of losing 15 kgs a month, but they are actionable and realistic. They are easy to repeat. Repetition is what helps you lose weight.
Remember this, you won’t lose weight if you run for 6 km one day. You will lose weight when you run for just 500 m every day for 12 days. The distance may be the same but the approach of giving yourself time and making things easy on yourself is what builds consistency.

Hope these tips have helped you. You can use our products as tools to help you lose weight in 2023. Check out the products here: