Shape-up tips for postpartum mommy ?

07 Oct, 2019

Shape-up tips for postpartum mommy ?

Many congratulations! You've finally stepped into motherhood. You’ve been finally blessed with the most precious gift of your life.
But, what next? Subsequent to being pregnant for nine months, most of the moms are too hurried to return to their regular exercise schedule. And the main question that crops up is that what time is the "right time"?  

Well, the general standard guideline is to stop panicking and make a beeline for exercise, at least 6 months after birth.

Most ladies gain between 5-18 Kgs during pregnancy. But once the little munchkin arrives, most of them are left utterly confused between the new responsibilities and the pressure of regaining the pre-pregnancy shape. 
Before you start working out, recall that your body will expect 6-8 months to recoup from the stress of labor and the whole process of birth.

Beginning with exercise too early after delivery will postpone the healing process because of extra stress and will add to your fatigue.

Before you plan to do anything, work intimately with your physician to ensure safety and finalize a well-suited plan for you. 
So, all set? Look at these exercises to get back to your pre-pregnancy fitness regime in the blink of an eye!

A balanced diet is a goal 
As you've just stepped into this new phase of your life, it becomes extremely important to concentrate on both yourself and your kid, eating smaller continuous portions of the meal is recommended.

Including proper proportions of fruits and vegetables, along with the diet is unequivocally suggested as you've just begun with breastfeeding. This will surely assist you with losing fat rather than lean tissue.

Basic Stretching & Twisting 
Following couple of days of starting up, you can proceed with some basic stretching which is very fundamental to each of your muscles. For your torso or chest area, you can attempt some bending and twisting exercises too. Try not to push it a lot; you should feel dynamic and energetic after these activities.

Walk, walk and walk
Walking is a simple exercise and is the most ideal approach to heat up your body and set it up for exercises higher in intensity. You can begin with a comfortable walk first and bit by bit move to brisk walking over a time for a couple of days.

Begin with walking for 15 minutes consistently for at least 5 days per week and increase the strolling time gradually. You can take your little baby along in a stroller! Liked the idea? 
For a variety, have a go at walking in reverse or in a crisscross manner to help keep your muscles speculating! You ought to exclude baby in this action until you've aced it and are sure of maintaining a balance.

Don't underestimate YOGA 
Yoga is a fully-fledged package of activities for both mind and body. Yoga strongly stands amongst the best exercises after pregnancy in order to target your belly bulge.

Make it a habit to start your day with yoga to revive and empower yourself. You can rehearse yoga at home or join classes with the goal that it turns into a part of your daily schedule.

Work on the pelvic muscles
The pelvic floor is basically the layer of muscles that act as a support for bladder, uterus, and rectum.

You might have tried doing pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy itself. If not, then NOW is the right time - these exercises are extremely significant in the fight to keep leaky bladders under control and to really sweeten the deal, can improve fulfillment during sex!

Bridging Exercises are a blessing 
These will definitely help tone your belly, buttocks, and thigh muscles. Below are the steps involved:

  • •    Lie on your back (on the floor, ideally on a yoga mat), twist your knees and slide your feet closer to your butt. 
  • •    Take a full breath. While breathing out, fix your stomach and lift your base as high as possible, and hold the situation for five to ten seconds. Make sure to Inhale normally during this time. 
  • •    Bit by bit, bring down your base to the floor again and rest for three seconds. Repeat this activity multiple times.

Target the belly fat 
These belly exercises after pregnancy will enable you to get fit as a fiddle. 

  • •    Get down onto your knees and let your elbows lay on the floor-you can do this on your bed however the floor is much prudent. 
  • •    Ensure that your back must be straight and that your stomach muscles are totally loose and free of any stress whatsoever. 
  • •    You should simply begin to breathe in, keeping in mind to tighten your pelvic floor muscles while breathing out. Now pull
  • in your umbilicus (belly-button) slowly. Deep breathing is an unquestionable requirement during this activity. 
  • •    Short strolls every day will also help you get rid of the tummy fat.


Try it with your little one 
It very well may seem nearly impossible to get time away from your child in the early months, so attempt these activities that you can do with your newborn child. Though, be very alert when engaging in them. You might need to rehearse first utilizing a doll or towel that is a similar size as your infant.

Do the moves full-out just when you're sure there's no peril of dropping your child? Ensure you're fit enough and have been feeling stable enough, to guarantee your and your child's security. 

  • •    Holding your child close to the chest, do a forward plunge with one of your legs (step forward and twist your knee). Try not to release your toes past your knee. Then, get back to the beginning position and repeat with the contrary leg. This will help fortify your legs, back muscles, and core. Repeat around 8-10 times on each side.
  • •    The next move is similar to the one mentioned above, but instead of forward lunges, try doing side lunges -- instead of stepping to the front; take a side step -- followed with a squat. 8-10 times repetition is advised. 
  • •    Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Holding your baby tight and close to your chest, keeping your legs shoulder-width apart and squat down, letting your kid's feet to touch the ground. Bring the baby closer to your chest while rising up. Repeat almost 10-12 times. Note: Make sure to do this exercise only when your baby is at least 3 months old.


While there might be unending confusion, overwhelming moments, added responsibilities and an obvious rush to get back in shape but what must be kept in mind is that you’ve come out victorious after a roller-coaster ride of 9 months.

Give your body the time it needs. Motherhood is indeed a priceless gift. Embrace it to the fullest! 
 And remember, happiness is the key, ALWAYS.


Author:- Dr. Sweksha Yadav