Top 10 Exercise Bike from Powermax – Best Exercise Bikes in India

26 Nov, 2018

Top 10 Exercise Bike from Powermax – Best Exercise Bikes in India

Proper health and fitness is the only secret to live a better and healthy life. It is true that most of the people are living a busy schedule and Lifestyle. They are unable to get so much time for regular exercises at the gym and running in the morning. In this situation, you can definitely start your exercise routine by getting the perfect exercise bike at your home. If you are serious about your health and fitness goal, the exercise bike will definitely give you the best solution to burn calories regularly. Whether it is raining, summer, winter or snowfall outdoors, you can use the exercise bike for your regular routine easily. If you are ready to invest in the best exercise bike for a better health and fitness at your home, you will need to make choice from the best models available in the market.

Now, you can definitely make the right choice by getting the complete information of all the specifications and features below about the top 10 exercise bike models below:

1. BR-900 Magnetic Recumbent Bike 

BR-900 is definitely the best model available in the market when you are searching for the right recumbent exercise bike having the futuristic design and innovative features. It is available with 8-level tension resistance and you will find LCD display for the information about the speed, distance, time, calories my hand pulse and much more. It is available with a very comfortable seat with multi-adjust mint options and backrest for the most comfortable use.


2. BR-800 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

BR-800 is another excellent model when you want to search for the best exercise bike. You will find it level tension resistance with a comfortable seat and bigger pedals in it. It comes with LCD display for all the information and you will get iPad holder and HDR foam grip in it. It can scan your calories, speed, distance and hand pulse easily.

3. BR-700 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

BR-700 is a good model having the comfortable seat with backrest. It has 8-level tension and LCD display for Speed, distance, time, calories and hand pulse information. In this magnetic recumbent bike, you will be able to find iPad holder, adjustable seat and resistance controller features.

4. BS-2070C Home Use Group Bike

BS-2070C comes in a beautiful design and perfect to use at your home. In this exercise bike, you will find a drive belt with three pieces Crank. It has transport wheels that will provide easy movement to the user. It also has seat height adjustment options in how is the general and vertical direction. You will find the LCD display for Speed, distance, time and calories.


5. BS-160 Home Use Group Bike

 If you are searching for the performance and affordability in an exercise bike, BS-160 will be the perfect model for you. It comes with a perfect design where you can adjust the seat in horizontal and vertical directions. It has 8 levels resistance and it comes with the double direction having the direct push emergency stop option for the users.


6. BS-155 Home Use Group Bike
BS-155 is another beautifully designed workout bike that you can get for your home. It will provide the excellent features for upper and lower body workouts and it will target the whole body for excellent workout results for the user. It has the features like seat adjustment, LCD display, resistance level adjustments, and direct push emergency stop.

7. BU-850 Magnetic Upright Bike
BU-850 has an excellent design for an aerobic workout and it has some of the best features including a display for the information of distance, time, speed, calories and hand pulse. It has a magnet brake system and ribbed belt one-way drive system.

8. BU-900 Magnetic Upright Bike
BU-900 is available as a comfortable and affordable option for the customers looking for a magnetic upright exercise bike. It has a comfortable seat with vertical and horizontal adjust mint options. You will also find LCD display magnet brake system, belt drive system and 8-level tension resistance in it.


9. BU-800 Magnetic Upright Bike

BU-800 is a feature rich and comfortable to use exercise bike available with a deluxe comfortable seat with vertical and horizontal adjustments. It has a magnet brake system and a bigger pedal for comfort. You will find iPad holder, adjustable rear stabilizer and fixed handlebar in it.

10. BX-110SX Bike with Back Rest
BX-110SX is the most affordable Powermax exercise bike that you can get for your home. It comes with a foldable design and you will find a very comfortable foam padded seat with backrest and height adjustment settings. It has a very lightweight design and you will find the display for all the information during exercise.

From all these available models, you can definitely make the right choice according to your budget and the features that you need in the exercise bike at your home. It will help in all kinds of Health and Fitness goals at your home.