Top 6 Reasons To Make a Treadmill Your Work-out Buddy

11 Nov, 2019

Top 6 Reasons To Make a Treadmill Your Work-out Buddy

You obviously already know that working out regularly is one of the best gifts you can give your body. Brisk walking or jogging is a simpler solution to reach your daily target of 20-30 minutes s of basic exercise. Being active is important for so many reasons and it isn’t only because of keeping your weight in check. But there are unexpected times when getting to the gym or even out of the house poses a big challenge. Today we’re here to disclose to you the benefits of treadmills, how it can be an effective solution to most of your fitness worries and why running on one can benefit you a lot more than running outdoors.  So, without any more suspense, let's explore how a treadmill can help you stay consistent with your exercise routine.

Man Running On a Treadmill
As far as workout equipment is concerned, treadmills are undoubtedly one of the simplest to use. Something that nearly all of us really love about treadmills is that they are extremely user-friendly and require virtually no extra efforts to set up or get going. You just need to press some buttons on the control panel, select the settings you desire, and you're ready to go!
 Even if you feel like you don’t understand the treadmill completely, they do come with instruction manuals and that makes things a lot easier than you could've expected them to be.
Another benefit of running on a treadmill that can’t be ignored is that it decreases the impact a lot, when compared to running on the street or other outdoor surfaces. Every time you try running on the pavement, uneven ground or hard surfaces your legs take a lot of impact, especially when you try increasing the speed. A treadmill comes to your rescue in such situations. It provides a relatively smooth surface to run on, and the good news, latest models come with shock absorption too. This means that your joints take a lot lesser impact. The treadmill offers an even running platform that doesn’t give you any unwanted surprises while walking or running. They provide you with a reliable surface to run on that you know are not going to be a reason for aching joints or muscular injuries. And if uneven terrains scare you to hell, then treadmill is definitely the best option for you. Happy? 


PowerMax TreadmillDoes your treadmill have a digital monitor? Then, there’s a great probability that it has some smart built-in workout programs as well. These workout programs may help vary your speed or incline throughout your workout to make your workout sessions all the more challenging. Whatever you wish to do, a light workout or an intense one, a treadmill can take care of all your fitness needs, since all of it is under your control. 
You are in complete control of the warm up and cool down, the speed and incline, and even the amount of energy you wish to expend. It’s suitable for the people belonging to all fitness levels as you can customize the workout to suit your liking. You might just be a beginner, but trust us; a treadmill won't keep you a beginner forever. Get, set, go! 


Treadmills also let you keep a check on your progress. Most of the current models come with digital monitors that let you know all that you need, like the distance covered, total time, speed, calories burned, and even the heart rate! The superb part is that you get to have a track of what your fitness level is and how hard you are pushing yourself to achieve your work-out goals. Thanks to the special fitness monitors and heart rate trackers that many latest models come with. 


Women Walking On a TreadmillAnother excellent benefit that running on a treadmill provides is that it is extremely convenient. You don’t need to go anywhere to run on it. You don’t need to visit the gym (we know you hate it) and you don’t have to run on the uneven roads either. It’s really convenient to use a treadmill instead, as you can easily work out whenever you can squeeze out some time from your schedule and you can even watch TV while you do it (secret benefit!). With advancement of technologies, many new and better treadmill models are being launched that'll surprise you for sure. There are models that you can easily fold up, move around your home and store away in a cupboard or closet when not in need.
Along with this, working out on a treadmill is a lot safer than running outdoors as you certainly don’t run the risk of being hit by a car (God forbid!), especially during the night time. It also poses a serious issue for women who may feel unsafe if going outside to run or take a brisk walk. 


Running for just 20 minutes at the speed of 10 km/h will burn almost 300 calories. Yes, you read that right! And if you can increase it up to 12 km/h, you’ll burn more. Additionally, you can target to burn even more calories if you start running at full speed and add a serious level of intensity to your workout. Running is a actually far better for weight loss than other aerobic exercises like cycling. Give it a try, and see the difference yourself! On top of it, if you take a smarter step and combine your exercise with a nutritious diet, you’ll achieve your weight loss goals in almost no time.


Women Feeling Happy While ExercisingThe next lesser-known benefit that you get from running on a treadmill is that it can wonderfully improve the functioning of your brain, keep it healthier, and make you feel much happier. The first and foremost reason for it being that running and aerobic exercises like biking cause your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are basically the chemical compounds that your brain releases, in order to make you feel happy. So, working out on a treadmill at home can directly contribute to reducing stress, depression and anxiety. This sense of happiness on a regular basis will make you more satisfied after every workout session, keeping you more motivated to try even harder the next time. Being able to completely control the intensity of your workout is a also an incredible factor that keeps you motivated. And the best part- you can listen to the music you love, read a book you wish to, or even watch TV as you run on your treadmill. 

No matter whether you’re willing to shed weight, trying to build muscle or keep your heart healthier, treadmill is undoubtedly the most terrific workout equipment to invest in. It’s convenient, easy to use, checks your progress, and above all, helps you keep all of your excuses aside that could keep you away from your regular exercise regular. We really hope that we could eulogize the incredible benefits of a treadmill so that you can stay healthy by making this magical equipment your work-out partner forever.