Treadmill Vs Road Running – Which to choose?

13 Mar, 2019

Treadmill Vs Road Running – Which to choose?

Running the best exercise anyone can do. It helps you to remain healthy. Now, many people have confusion between the treadmill and Road running. There are many discussions and debates going on Treadmill Vs Road Running. Now the point is which one is better. Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should know what is your goal, you can only select the better one thereafter. We will be seeing the advantages and Disadvantages of both of them.



First, we will be seeing about the running on the treadmill. Nowadays, you can find a treadmill anywhere. You may have thought about whether to run on a treadmill or just go for a run. Running on the treadmill is quite easy as compared to road running. As there is no wind and the weather is not an issue on the treadmill. However, when kept the proper accuracy, you can stimulate the outside running with the treadmill. Research shows if you keep treadmill at 1%, it would be as good as road running.

The next best thing about the treadmill is about the breaks. First of all, when you are running on a treadmill, you can stop whenever you like. Therefore, this is taken as an advantage. The second best benefit about running on a treadmill is about the washroom breaks. You can use washroom anytime you want unlike road running.

There is also quite a possibility about the weather. Sometimes, in some season you can’t decide how would the weather be. Even the forecast might be wrong. So, in this case, you should always select running on a treadmill.


Road Running

The other option is the road running. It is the best option with many advantages. Personally, I would prefer road running rather than treadmills. The reason for that is, you can enjoy nature. The fresh air will make your mind calm. You can enjoy the environment as well as the outside atmosphere.

Secondly, it is a cost-effective way to do exercise. Why? The simple answer is you don’t need to have a Gym membership or treadmill to waste your money. All you need is running shoes, a bottle of water and you are set to go on and on. You will not only meet new people out there but also it is good to get out of the four walls sometimes.

For many people especially for athletes and runners, running on a treadmill becomes boring. All you have to do run on a machine. Most importantly, if you are practicing for a marathon you won’t like running on a treadmill. The main reason is that you don’t get the feeling which you get from running on a track. You need to see and visualize the finish line to hustle with the best energy. It becomes difficult to do so on a treadmill. The other reason is you can’t get along with the outside temperature. Running in an open sky in either hot or cold temperature will be a better option than running on the room temperature. It also motivates you for running as you just don’t need to run on the machine and actually go outside and run.

Last but not the least benefit is about the time for exercise. You can go to XYZ place to get something while running or you can continue to run while you are traveling at someplace. Just Don’t forget to pack your running shoes. You can choose to run with your group of friends. If you are a kind of a person who likes to run in different places. You should always choose road running over the treadmill. You can go to different paths each day and exercise. Also, be safe about the injuries while running.


Which one is better?

Now that we have discussed both of them. Most of the people would have known which one is better for them. Both of these have their own drawbacks and benefits. It is all about the efforts. If you keep the same effort while running on a treadmill. It can simulate the road running. There will be a little different on both of them depending upon the circumstances. All you need is to keep the same effort on any of them.


To summarize, you can choose the treadmill over the traditional road running if

  • > The weather is bad or the temperature is either too hot or cold
  • > You are just doing a tempo run or running for a short time
  • > You need a lot of washroom breaks
  • > You want a comfortable platform to run where you can easily change the speed and accuracy.
  • > You want to do it anytime
  • > You own the treadmill at home and don’t want to go outside


In the same way, you can choose road running if

  • > You want fresh air and enjoy the nature
  • > You want to train on any weather and temperature
  • > You want to visualize the finish line for the marathon you are practicing for
  • > You don’t want to pay for a Gym Membership
  • > You find treadmill boring
  • > You want to run along with your squad
  • > You don’t want to see the same place while running


Lastly, even diet matters. No matter where you run. Make sure take proper fluids and carbohydrate. Follow a diet plan, it will help you in maintaining proper fitness.



To conclude, there is not a specific thing you should do. Although, road running has its own advantage with the proper configuration of the treadmill you can achieve the same. If you choose a treadmill, you can switch to road running when you are traveling. The same goes around. If you choose road running, you can choose to run on a treadmill when the weather is not good or you don’t feel like going outside for a run. So, choose wisely and always be safe. Although there are not many injuries caused while running but there are many cases of physical injuries. Even in treadmill people gets hurt. Therefore, be safe and Good Luck with Exercise.