Spin Bikes vs. Exercise Bikes: Key Differences, Benefits, and Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment

Spin Bikes vs. Exercise Bikes: Key Differences, Benefits, and Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment

By Aritra Laha / 10 Apr 2021

Cycling is quite beneficial to one's health. It facilitates not only transportation from one location to another but is also an excellent workout. Riding a bike has several benefits. One of the best activities you can do on a daily basis is cycling, which can help with weight loss, muscular toning, and basic cardio. Even so, it is frequently impractical for people to own a bike and travel great distances just to exercise. For this reason, stationary cycles that replicate riding a cycle and much more are seen in commercial and home gyms. 

With so many advantages, exercise bikes are a cardio exercise equipment that has long been used by people to gain muscle and lose weight. It's also among the best methods for increasing endurance and stamina. Several types of exercise bikes have been developed in an attempt to maximize the health benefits of exercise. The spin bike is one such model. Spin bikes seem more like natural workout bikes than standard upright cycles. You might be asking now which exercise bike is better for you to purchase and what makes a spin bike different from other models. Fear not—all of your urgent queries will have their answers.


Difference between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike

1. Flywheel

The flywheel is one of the main distinctions between spin bikes and other workout exercise bikes. More precisely, the flywheel's weight. A standard exercise bike's flywheel will typically weigh a few kilograms. This contributes to maintaining relative smoothness. On an exercise bike, the flywheel will also continue to turn after you stop pedaling, much like a bicycle would, for a certain amount of time. Conversely, the pedals of spin bikes are bolted to a considerably heavier flywheel. This implies that the flywheel will continue to turn due to its own inertia even if you stop pedaling, forcing the pedals to turn along with it. This implies that when the flywheel gradually loses momentum, you will need to gradually slow down in order to stop completely. Additionally, the heavier flywheel requires more effort, which makes it one of the best fitness equipment for a training session that is more productive.


2. Position

Spin bikes are designed to emulate the posture and position of a racing road bike rather than a simple commuter bike. The handles are more inclined which causes the user to lean much forward than one would usually do on normal exercise bikes. The spin bike also offers a wider range of adjustments in its seat height and handlebar inclination compared to traditional exercise bikes. This makes them more customizable to your workout.

3. Intensity

As mentioned earlier, spin bikes tend to have heavier flywheels. This causes the user to exert more effort in pedalling and puts more stress on joints compared to normal exercise bikes which also have changeable resistances. This helps in having more rigorous and intense training sessions. Those who are serious about their training and are looking for more substantial results are likely to benefit more from spin bikes. Regular exercise bikes are for home ideal for those who wish to make exercise a healthy addition to their current lifestyle. Having a heavier flywheel makes spin bikes ideal for high-intensity interval training and good for overall workout and weight loss as well.


4. Price

If you have a home gym, then you may want to upgrade to a better exercise bike. Here, the first thing that comes to mind is the balance between price and quality . A spin bike is generally more expensive than regular exercise bikes. These bikes can come with a monitor display but are more oriented toward the mechanical side which can make them less fancy than other exercises bike. But with price comes quality. Though having a higher price, spin bikes are more durable and are of better quality these bikes require comparatively less maintenance. Exercises bikes are the exercise equipment on the other hand are slightly on the lower side and come with many fancy attachments depending on the model. These are perfect for those who wish to have a casual exercise routine and want to keep a meticulous check on their progress. Exercises bikes are built to make the training session a more enjoyable experience while spin bikes aim to push your body’s capability. 

Buy the Bike According to your Exercise Level

Choosing which type of fitness bike can be a cumbersome task. With the sheer number of types and models available in this cardio exercise machine, you as a consumer are spoilt for choice. But this also means that you need to carefully consider which type of bike is best for your fitness regime.
When choosing a type of bike, the type of exercise you wish to do on a daily basis must be the first and foremost criteria of consideration. This will determine what kind of experience you will have. Being swayed by excitement or overconfidence may lead you to buy a bike that may not be suited to you. If you are going to have relatively low-intensity training and are looking to get your recommended amount of daily cardio done, then a regular spin bike is more than enough.

A spin bike will be a better choice if you are seeking for rigorous training sessions and want to continue strengthening your body, or if you have prior expertise with intense cardio and high-intensity interval training. Everyone should practice some form of cardiovascular exercise every day. With jobs nowadays being desk jobs or with minimal movement, it is important to give your body that moves. Nowadays, most professions involve sitting at a desk or moving very little, therefore it's critical to give your body something to move. This is for the obvious reason of keeping the mode and its joints lubricated and healthy, in addition to weight loss and muscle toning. With the numerous health benefits of spin bikes for home and exercise bikes have made it easier to keep in shape from the comfort of one's own home or neighborhood gym by incorporating these home gym workout equipment in your routine. 

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