While a Migraine Can Cause a Neurological Damage, a Flexibility Massage Chair Can Prevent it from Happening

13 Dec, 2018

While a Migraine Can Cause a Neurological Damage, a Flexibility Massage Chair Can Prevent it from Happening

While a Migraine Can Cause a Neurological Damage, a Flexibility Massage Chair Can Prevent it from Happening

A migraine is a complex mental health condition, which can be triggered by a range of factors. In simple words, it is a headache with varying degrees of severity, sometimes accompanied by dizziness, and hypersensitivity to sound and light. The underlying cause of a migraine is still not known, but it is assumed that stress, anxiety, and depression can cause a migraine by triggering an abnormality in the function of nerves and blood vessels in the brain. Migraine headaches usually last from anything between 4 hours to 72 hours, and its frequency of occurrence can differ from person to person, ranging from as often as multiple times a week to once in a year.

Individuals who have acute migraines are referred to as migraineurs. Such people generally have tight and heavy muscles in the back of their head, shoulders, neck, and lower back. Numerous medical reports strongly suggest that all these stiff muscles, often caused by stress and anxiety, are the epicenters of a migraine.

Every sufferer of migraine headaches applies some kind of process to control the pain. From taking warm showers to drinking caffeinated beverages, popping over-the-counter pills to prescribed drugs, people, in their attempt to get relief from pain, try a lot of things. Unfortunately, very few seriously consider massage therapy as an alternative treatment for migraines.

A gentle massage therapy, including the one delivered by a flexibility massage chair, can help loosen up the stiff muscles, lessening the stress from the neck, shoulders, and back of the head.

Here’s How a Massage Chair for Stress Relief Can Help

Massage Therapy Alleviates Spasms — Muscles and tissues that are attached to the back of the skull, when taut and stiff, cause pain to shoot up through the back of the head into the eye regions. During a migraine, it seems like the pain is nailed to the eyes. It is, without a doubt, a terrible feeling. A massage chair to overcome fatigue and tiredness helps in soothing these tight muscles to give a relaxing experience.

Massage Therapy Can Regulate Hormone — A massage chair for stress relief can effectively control cortisol - the body's main stress hormone. At the same time, a flexibility massage chair, by cleansing the toxins from the body, can stimulate the production of the happy hormone, or endorphin.

Massage Therapy Reduces Trigger Point Pains — A flexibility massage chair can help facilitate trigger point therapy, scientifically known as neuromuscular therapy, which calms the tender tissues that transmit pain.

Massage Therapy Increases Blood Circulation — A massage chair to overcome fatigue and tiredness has been observed to improve the flow of blood, which, in turn, supercharges the oxygen level within the body. Highly oxygenated blood, flowing into muscles, tissues, and organs, significantly reduces pain.

“Traditionally, migraine has been considered a benign disorder without long-term consequences for the brain. Our review and meta-analysis study suggests that the disorder may permanently alter brain structure in multiple ways,” says world-renowned Danish neuroscientist Dr. Messoud Ashina 19 cases to understand whether people who experienced a migraine had an increased risk of brain damage.

Migraine headaches should not be neglected. It is a medical condition that demands immediate attention. If you have come this far, you already know that the best way to say goodbye to migraines is to get expert massage at home by a flexibility massage chair. Embrace the cutting-edge technology today, to gift yourself a happy and healthy life.