Importance of Exercise?? Why Exercise is Beneficial?

06 Oct, 2018

Importance of Exercise?? Why Exercise is Beneficial?

Have you ever given a thought to why exercise is beneficial? We think exercise is a way to remain fit and healthy. But, the list just does not end here itself. Before doing any kind of exercise, you should know the importance of it. Some of the beneficial points on exercising are listed as under:

1. Slim and active

Losing weight and remaining fit is what everyone desires. Exercise helps in losing weight and shedding extra pounds from your body. Managing weight is utmost important because as you gain weight, many diseases tend to move with you. With heavier exercises, you can lose more weight in a short period of time. This is the main reason that people opt for gyms. Workouts and following a diet can keep you healthy and your weight in check. Some exercises like jogging and walking can also help one to lose weight.


2. A fun thing

Exercises are always fun to do. Try out new workouts and moves and you feel so much more refreshed. People normally opt for simple exercises in the morning like brisk walking, jogging, running out in the open air and it can make your day energetic and bright. You can take your dog out for a walk or ride your bike for optimum coverage. When you exercise, endorphins are released in your body which keeps you relaxed and happy.


3. Stamina and energy

Why workout might be a question that can pop up in people’s minds. Exercising is better than having a cup of coffee for releasing stress. Exercising relaxes your muscles and blood flows freely in your body. It gives you the energy that you require in your body to keep you active. The stamina that you get helps you to stay active for longer periods of time.


4. Socialising with people

Not just physical health, but people also get an advantage in the form of making new friends and making new people. When you go out to the playground, there are different people exercising and you can socialise with them freely. You can join a sports club or associations and try out newer exercises. 30 minutes of exercise is just enough for the whole day.


5. Curing of long-term illness and maintaining health

When you exercise, you can keep many diseases like heart diseases and cancer out from your reach. The cholesterol level in the body is decreased which does not allow health issues to enter your body. Heart diseases are most common when one can face when you do not exercise frequently.


Apart from these points, one can see that youngsters eating a lot of junk in today’s world. These foods are not at all good for health and body. When you have bad health, you do not contribute to the growth of the nation. When people of a certain area are healthy, they can encourage other people to exercise and create a healthier environment. The schools and colleges today are setting up different exercise campaigns and these teach students to remain active and healthy. Not just health, exercising also helps to reduce stress levels in the body. People of today are so busy and they do not get much time for themselves. In this case, exercising rescues one from the day's tensions and activities.


Types of exercises that can be performed


1. Yoga: Yoga is a deeper form of exercise which relaxes the mind and body both at the same time. Yoga helps to return the peace and happiness back to your life. There are different forms of yoga. You should choose one form suited for you. Yoga should be practised daily.


2. Brisk walking: The best form of exercise in walking and people mostly choose mornings as the perfect time for exercising. Walking is great for people with diabetes. Morning walks are necessary and should be done regularly and you can see the difference for yourself.


3. Flexibility exercises: These form of exercise means stretching and exercise where you can test the flexibility of your body. Stretching your body up to a certain level every day is great and should be practised. It keeps muscle and joins pains out of reach.


4. Gymnastics: This is one kind of exercise form but it should be carried out only with a professional expert as it requires harder muscle training.


Points to keep in mind when doing exercises

Start with simple exercises in the beginning and once your body has adapted to the form of exercise, you can start with more complex ones. When you plan on doing a certain form of exercise you should consult your doctor to understand your body well. Warming up is necessary to help your body tackle with intensive exercises. Keep a track of your exercises daily to know how many calories you have burned. Keep adding new forms of exercises every 15 days for better results.


Set a goal and achieve it each and every day. Exercise for a better life!