26 Oct, 2018


Your trainer must have advised you to do cardio sometimes. Aerobics or cardio, whatever is the name is one of the best ways to induce great levels of energy in body. As the body takes up or consumes high amount of oxygen and increases the pace of your heart beat, it actually strengths your vital cardio respiratory organs. It enhances the capacity of these organs. 

Before jumping into the bunch of benefits which are associated with aerobics let us understand what is aerobics?

Aerobics is a kind of physical activity which involves the movement of several large clusters of muscles. In aerobics the oxygen consumption of the body increases manifolds, the organs of the cardiovascular system are made to work on faster pace which increases their capacity and strengthens them from the core. It enables you to perform physical activities in day-to-day basis.

Dance forms such as Zumba are also a part of aerobics. Activities like walking, running, cycling, jogging, dancing, trekking these all constitute aerobics activities.

You might have wondered what is the use of sweating so much, right? So, here are 10 of biggest benefits of aerobics-

1.     BLOOD PRESSURE- After a certain age blood pressure becomes the real issue. Gobbling up pills everyday to control your blood pressure can be hectic. Taking pills on a regular basis can even distraught you. The safest and the best way to control BP are doing aerobics. Walking, jogging and even running or cycling can be a good idea.  

2.     GOOD CHOLESTEROL- Not all the cholesterol is bad. Therefore, your body needs good cholesterol to function properly. Doing cardio every day can increase the level of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). It helps in removing the bad cholesterol from the body and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

3.    WEIGHT LOSS- One of the biggest merits of doing cardio is you can lose weight, manage your weight and even control it. Doing basic aerobic activities such as walking and running can burn hell lot of calories.

4.     SORE MUSCLES- Aerobics can treat your sore muscles; this can be considered one of the biggest merits of aerobics. Stretching and doing yoga can release the pain of the muscles.

5.     GOOD FOR CANCER- This deadly diseases can also be cured or aid in fighting with cancer, to say the least. Cancer treatment can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. During the treatment, the body weight of the patient fluctuates in very abnormal manner therefore; to maintain proper weight cardio is a must.

6.    OESTROPOROSIS- It is an ailment mostly found in older women. In such a condition bone density gets lowered down. Many people considered not doing much of physical activity as it can lead to fracture or bone damage. Well, on contrary doing cardio regularly in osteoporosis can help in increasing the bone density and provides them strength.

7.    IMMUNE SYSTEM- A normal or an average workout/exercise session is important to keep the body fit and healthy. To ensure that your body is fit and ready to fight against bacteria and infections, it is furthermore important to keep your immune system strong. And in order to do that, one needs to do aerobics every day. Regular walking or jogging helps in increasing the quantity of white blood cells in the blood. These WBCs are important to fight from germs. Time to wear your track suit and walk around a bit.

8.    DIABETES- Cardio training activities help in burning out the extra amount of glucose that is produced in the body which in turn helps in controlling the condition of impaired glucose tolerance. This is essential in order to control the diabetes. Cardio strengthens your heart and large groups of muscles, controls blood sugar levels, and sheds off extra fat from the body. Regular exercise is recommended for those diagnosed with diabetes. And the best workout for them is doing cardio every day. 

9.    ENERGY- Doing aerobics every morning will energize you on another level. It can boost up the energy levels that can help you in keeping yourself productive and fresh all the time.

10.     MENTAL WELL- BEING- It goes without saying that cardio is essential for mental well being. Since it does so much good to your body, it is needless to say that it can cure your mental ailments too. It is a sure shot way to eliminate the stress, anxiety and depression from your brain. Walking for an hour in the morning or in evening, for that matters will help you develop confidence, enhance your self-esteem. As aerobics provides you with a well-built body structure and strength, it makes you less insecure of your body image.

So many benefits from one exercise!!  What else does your body need? Aerobics is the solution for all your problems. Period.