06 Nov, 2018


Much has been talked about fitness and healthy lifestyle, health and exercise. But what about the nutrition? Healthy food is the only key to achieve the desired results from your rigorous workout sessions.
Sweating hard in the gym cannot make you fit alone. There are several other essential things that need to be kept in mind. Your dietary chart matters. Hitting the gym with an emptied stomach is as stupid as starving yourself after coming back from your workout. It is of no use.
There is a lot of misconception regarding the consumption of food after exercise. Eating the right kind of food after a workout is what your body requires.  Eating a proper nutritional meal within 20-60 minutes after working out will help your muscles repair faster. 

Pre-workout and post-workout meals are cardinal and shouldn’t be skipped. However, eating the right stuff is also vital. That will aid your transformation process in many ways. 

Having a balanced and nutritional meal post workout will help you get rehydrated because obviously, you’ve just lost tons of water in the gym. The body must be kept hydrated. 

While working out your muscles are damaged and for the reparation of the same, loading your meal with protein and carbohydrates is again very crucial.

In spite of everything, the point in question is what your post workout meal should contain? 

It should consist- Protein, carbohydrates and fats. Keeping all this in mind here are THE 5 BEST FOODS TO EAT POST A RIGOROUS WORKOUT- 

EGGS- Needless to say, eggs are the biggest source of protein and therefore top the list of best post workout foods. For various reasons, it has been one of the most favorite food items for those following a healthy diet.
Eggs are loaded with all the nutrients your body craves for, post workout. Although the egg white is filled with protein, the yellow ball within the egg, called yolk contains fat and cholesterol. Those who are on a restricted calorie intake diet must refrain from eating the yolk. Nevertheless, consumption of whole eggs too is quite beneficial for your body.

SALMON- A grilled or smoked piece of salmon is not only packed with protein but also contains omega 3 fatty acid which is important in increasing the pace of protein synthesis. Therefore, considering it is anything but bad. There are a lot of stigmas associated with fats. Let us clear the air of doubt, not all fat is bad. Timing is the real hero. Consuming food such as salmon that is rich in fats after work out can help in reduction of the pain caused by the rupturing of muscles; hence they repair the damaged muscles and increase the level of glycogen as well. 

OATMEAL- To add some carbs in your post-workout platter, oatmeal can be an ideal choice as it aids in repairing the damaged muscles. It helps to procure the depleted or lost glycogen during the workout. It restores the glycogen for the next workout session. Also, oats topped with milk and some dry nuts can help you balance your post workout meal as the ideal post workout meal should consist carbohydrates and proteins in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. 

GRILLED CHICKEN WITH VEGETABLE SALAD- Chicken is a rich source of protein along with it iron, carbohydrates, phosphorus and selenium as also present in it in abundance. Pairing the grilled chicken breast with a lightweight dish such as a combination of nutritional and healthy veggies can do wonders to your recovery process.

FRESH FRUITS- Your body has drained all its energy in the form of sweat. Thus it needs to be refilled with glycogen which provides energy to the body. Eating fruits which are packed with fast-acting carbohydrates such as banana, grapes, watermelon and raisins can speed up your muscle recovery, refill glycogen and get your body ready to hit the gym again next morning.  Freshly prepared watermelon juice or pomegranate juice can also be a good idea.

When in hurry, you can grab a protein shake or a protein bar as it includes all the important components needed by your body. Still, it is always suggested by the experts to give your body proper dosage of natural nutrients. Therefore, eating a complete post workout meal is probably the best idea to pamper your damaged body.

The bottom line is exercising alone will not provide you with a lean body and great physique. Giving your diet a miss is such a pathetic idea. How is your body supposed to work if it’s not been provided with the nutrients it asks for? 

Having said that it is also important to continuously check on your dietary habits to ensure that your body is refraining from intake of wrong foods.